Monday, November 12, 2007

Past Weekend

watched Meet Joe Black & America's Sweethearts again this weekend. Meet Joe Black starring Brad Pitt is about the Angel of Death(Pitt) coming to give the intended person a message that his time is up and accompanying him in his final days. Its the first time i watched it bcoz last time i thought it was a crappy movie. Now that i watched it completely without switching channels i thought it was okay. The love scene between Pitt and Claire Forlani was sizzling hot. Haha.

Then there was America's Sweethearts starring Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones. Yes, its an old movie. i watched it before but did not really paid attention to it as i was channel surfing and did not understand what was goin on then. Now, i've watched it without tuning away and i felt that it was a good one. Love to see Julia Roberts in a movie again. Her smile's so captivating. She's stunning in the movie. Zeta-Jones played the bad girl this time. Not as hot as she was in Ocean's Twelve. This movie is all about Julia. Haha

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