Saturday, August 29, 2009

Opportunity to learn

Yesterday in the middle of a scrim with esp.neMesis, quack from esp.Bz xfired me and asked me to play for his team in a scrim with XIII this saturday because they are short of players. i wanted to answer him immediately but did not have a chance as i was concentrating so hard on the scrim against neMesis.

i had to make him wait so long for my reply..truly felt bad for it. sorry quack.

anyway, i 'm so happy to be given a chance to play for his team, the no1 team in malaysia. it's an honor to play with them as it will allow me to learn so much stuff.

playing with the best smg player in quack gives me the chance to learn the tricks and secrets of close quarters combat. further more, with the best assault rifle player in Susu and the best sniper in Nobie covering my back, i feel so safe. it allows me more freedom to do more and not worry about being shot from behind.

this is really a golden opportunity. thank my lucky stars that quack actually thought of me when finding a replacement.

hopefully i can fit into their gameplan and follow all their strategy and commands. so nervous..hahaha

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Megasoma & Naga plus a StarCraft II themed bag

Professional gaming equipment maker Razer just announced the coming release of two new line of products. They are the Megasoma hybrid gaming mat and the MMO gaming mouse, Naga.

The development of the Razer Megasoma was driven by a single goal; create a mouse pad that compromises nothing. We combined the best features of a hard and soft mat to create a hybrid of tracking excellence. The result is a pro gamer validated mat that blends the legendary tracking of our hard mats with the comfort and feel of our soft mats.

Constructed from highly durable translucent silicone and accented with a luminous imbedded logo, the Razer Megasoma is the most tracking proficient mouse pad ever created. Nothing compromised; nothing comparable.

The Razer Megasoma is a hybrid of a hard and a soft mouse mat which fuses superior tracking quality and precision of a hard mat with a comfortable feel and an incredibly smooth glide of a soft mat.

The ultra-durable dent-free surface of an oversized hard mat are made for wide hand movements, while enjoying the translucent silicone of the Megasoma and its unique luminous logo shining through.

Also, the flexibility of silicone makes the Razer Megasoma extremely portable, letting you roll up and take your game to your favorite LAN sessions.

Writer's comment: What attracted me the most about this mat is the brilliant white colour of the mat and the greenish luminescent logo. I've also been long intrigued by the feel and advantages offered by the hard gaming mat as i only owned a soft mat, thus this hybrid that offers the best of both worlds is a must get for me.

The Razer Naga is the ultimate Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming mouse that shifts the balance between keyboard and mouse by putting an unprecedented number of in-game commands in one place. A multi-button thumb grid and Razer’s MMO game interface add-on combine to place every command you need in the palm of your hand. An ergonomic form shaped to maximize ease of use lets you game in comfort for hours on end.

For more info, head on to

The Starcraft® II Zerg Edition Messenger Bag is designed for gamers who want to keep their gear protected, stay comfortable, and look good doing it. With its weather-proof heavy duty construction, it acts like an armored fortress against the elements and the hazards of everyday life. Open it up and you’ll find space for your laptop, gaming peripherals, and anything else a gamer would need in the field.

It features:

* Armored with a tear-resistant, weather-proof heavy duty 1680D ballistic nylon outer shell
* Water-resistant Ripstop nylon inner lining for added durability
* Single shoulder sling design for added mobility
* Easy one-handed release chest clasp enables quick and convenient access
* Built in compartments for laptops, gaming peripherals and portable gaming devices
* Padded inner lining protects electronic devices and provides ample shock absorbency while on the road

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Almost there~~

Oh gosh, it has been a long long time since i last updated my blog. been super busy with assignments and final year project. but now both are already done and dusted. free as a bird now. feel so relieved. my nauseous spell is getting less, i guess i'll recover without stress and lack of sleep.

the worst is already over man..feel so relieved. i actually went a top a hill and shouted my lungs out to release all the pent up feelings and stress accumulated from the past 2 months..feel so good man. you all should try it..though its kinda weird with ppl looking on..lolz maybe they think i'm mad loh..but who cares..i'm so happy now.

now its time for my dragonica leveling and cod4 training regime..ah can't wait..

only a few more presentations and another assignment to go b4 exams come..should be able to handle them without much fuss..i'm almost there, life after studies is waiting for me..i can't wait..