Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Why la why are ppl who are acting so immaturely always come together in two and threes and nvr alone? i guess the saying 'birds of the same feather flock together' is true then. So sad lah..already an adult but still acting like kiddos playing the games kiddos do. I can only sigh and hope these ppl grow up someday.

Losing gracefully and accepting the facts of life is surely one of the hardest things to do. i have to admit that sometimes i still get upset when i lose but not to extreme measures. lately, i've seen examples of sour grapes aplenty that go to extreme measures. u really have to tip ur hat to them if you can see how low these ppl can stoop to. when i reflect on it..i sometimes laugh to myself realizing how childish they are..rofl.

let me put it in a story lah. once upon a time, there's this boy who wants this something so badly but all he does is just look at it from afar. when someone comes along and took this something away, the boy got angry. Then a wise old man who happened to passby asks the boy 1 simple question. Why were you so angry when someone took the thing you want when it was you who did not want to take it in the first place? i'll let you figure out the moral of the story.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lip locks

I got this forwarded mail from a friend and i thought it was so sweet and romantic, so i post it up here for you all to see lah.

This is the famous upside down kiss between Mary Jane and spiderman.

This one is Robert Doisneau’s renowned 1950 black and white photo, Kiss by the Hotel de Ville, of a couple mid-lip-lock on a Paris Street.

This is the iconic image of a sailor smooching a nurse in New York’s Times Square on V-J Day.

This last picture is a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Kissing in the rain is so special because when everyone else is frantically running for shelter, it makes time seem to stop for the two of them. It’s surreal and very sexy.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So many things to do, so little time

Suddenly i feel this urge to do all the things that i love as if the world's gonna end at dawn. What's wrong with me lah. Mood swings every now and then. Skejap melancholic, skejap emo, skejap happy, kejap sad. It feels like a roller coaster ride. Talking bout roller coaster, i wan to go Genting again!

i wan to play all the adrenaline charged rides.i wan to gamble. i wan to feel the cold breeze in my face again. i miss the times when i was in genting for 1 month. everyday at dawn and dusk, i'll sit at a spot where i could look down to Kuala Lumpur and day dream. Hahaha.

its been a long long time since i last played sports. body's reaction time getting slower. lembap d. can't accept that!

Who cares about exam lah! I wan to enjoy life as much as possible. And to those who keeps backstabbing me. Aku tabik sama kau orang la. Depan semua orang berlagak baik. Belakang gua kutuk gile babi. If got guts cakap terang-terang berdepan lah. Kalo nak gaduh no hal, mari lah. Don't just talk lah, actions speak louder than words.

Argh feels so good venting it all out. Fuhh. I'll lead my life the way i like it. why should i be dictated on how i should live my life.

p/s: had a good time laughin wit you guys today though there were distractions that proved so costly that the filipinos got a few rounds. they are good to look at but are a source of distraction, still we want to look. lolz

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Directional chaos

Oh my goodness, the roads in Melaka changed so much already. I feel like i'm outstation now when i go to downtown.

Because i was so free, i took my time turning around the city centre and familiarize myself with the roads again. it feels so wide and smooth now, but i haven't try the weekend nite traffic yet so i can't make a judgment now.

being back at home feels so nice. being among the trees and in nature is so refreshing compared to the stifling heat and suffocating air of PJ. enjoyed the sound of birds chirping and dogs barking. feels so nice~

friday gotta go back to PJ already coz the next day got Research Methodology paper. damn it, why cant the paper be on other day? why must it be in my study week. fuck utar.

neways, being back at home makes me get bored easily because i've no internet. i turn to tv most to fill my time. and i miss my frens alot. the gaming and the mamak sessions. awh~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What the fuck !

I'm so not impressed at all with something so cheap. i'm really shocked to even hear sumone who speaks for justice support something this cheap.

i have no problem whatsoever in you all being allowed to do the paper again. But asking for the paper where you all went wrong is like having an answer key in doing the assignment again. that is a travesty to justice. where is the fairness in that?

all the minor mistakes could be zeroed in and corrected. the resulting 2nd try paper would be almost perfect. is that fair to ppl who did the paper only once?

if i were in this position, i won't even contemplate something so dishonorable. given the chance to do the assignment again is good enough! why ask for the marked script?

take for example exams, when sumone fails and take the supplementary paper, the said person can only get a maximum grade of 2.0. they don't get to be graded like the first exam. that is what i call fairness.

this whole thing is fucking ridiculous..

i don't care if it involves friends or not.. professionalism means putting aside feelings.

as long as i feel something is against my conscience i will speak up.

but if the lecturer is setting a maximum mark point of lets say 5, i'm cool with this whole thing. i got no problem at all.

if you disagree with me, come let's speak with the dean, we'll see how it turns up.

New friends

Went to william's with the ESP guys few moments ago. it was the first time i went out with them. i only know a few of them initially but now get to know more of them d lah. used to be hi and bye friends with most of them b4 this.

they are a really funny group of ppl. very interesting. really glad that i had the chance to get to know them better. really had fun just now. i had my fill of laughter bcoz superchai was super funny lah.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ferrari 599XX

The 599XX is standard-issue Ferrari: a limited run of 30 cars or fewer, packed with technology designed for those who want to fancy themselves as fledgling Formula 1 racers. The 12-cylinder engine can hit 700 horsepower at 9000 rpm, but that’s not even the best part. The 599XX is master and commander of its airflow, using a combination of synthetic jets, boot-mounted fans and a porous diffuser to maximize downforce. So even at speeds, it’ll stick to the ground like glue. There’s no word on the price yet, but as they say, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Why do women stay in abusive relationships?

Crazy Love, Crazy Choices

Earlier this spring, when pop singer Rihanna went back to the man who allegedly beat her, the blogs were full of objections to blaming the "victim." It just makes women feel bad to say, "Why doesn't she leave?" feminist commentator Amanda Marcotte wrote in her blog. Indeed, she continues, "every time we ask that, we are engaging in batterer assistance ourselves." Shouldn't we be focusing on the abusers? Well, not exactly. Old-style feminism would say "the personal is the political," as long-time columnist Katha Pollitt put it in her own tale of personal sexual betrayal, Learning To Drive: And Other Life Stories. A social movement that passed political judgment on a subject as intimate as domestic violence may be tough on the victim, but, as Pollitt concluded, "at least it offered a perspective." The alternative, she warned, is that "These days anything is feminist as long as you 'choose' it … no matter how dangerous or silly or servile or self-destructive it is."

read more of it at

Sunday, April 12, 2009

CyberFusion2009@Cyberjaya - One Nation

Malaysia’s bid to smash the Guinness world record of the longest LAN party with over 250 hardcore gamers taking part.

Current Guinness book record was set in 2008 at the Nvision event in the US. The record had 203 gamers playing for 36 hours over a LAN.

Dates: 10th - 12th April 2009
PC Check-in: 3pm - 9pm
Record attempt starts: 11pm 10th of April - 1pm 12th April Sunday (38 hours total)
Location: Multimedia University (MMU) Grand Hall Cyberjaya

First registered 250 participants who broke the record received AMD processors FREE
Round the clock lucky draw for all participants to win Sapphire ATI Graphic cards

Here are some pictures:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Celeb late nite snack

Just got back from SS2 McD. woah, i was sitting just 2 feet beside AdamC and i didn't know it! Damn..i hope i din say anything embarrassing lah coz i was crapping nuts with my frens.. lolz.

When i went to get a seat, i noticed 3 guys next to our table and i knew that there was one quite good looking guy sitting next to my seat but i din pay much attention lah coz i dont really go and look out for celebs. i might be sitting beside some super famous celeb and know ntg about it coz i'm that blur lolz. my friends and i proceeded to chat lah about stupid stuff..i remember we talked about death. coz my friend had a friend who only had 3 more years to live. he asked me, what would you do if you had 3 years left..i crapped out something stupid ler, hopefully adamC din heard what i say. haha.

when he got up to leave, i noticed that he was carrying a blackberry. i was starting to suspect something already. after he went out the door, my friend tapped me and say "eh eh! u noe or not just now adamC sitting beside u oni." and he laughed like crazy upon seeing my reaction.

babi betul la. should have noticed buat malu d lah..knn

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Recently, BN held gave a dinner in Kampung Sepetang as part of their campaign for the DUN Bukit Gantang by-elections. Scantily clad girls were invited to sing and dance on stage after Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept and new UMNO vice-President Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi concluded his speech.

When asked by reporters about the tactic of using scantily clad singing and dancing girls to fish for votes among the Chinese, Ahmad Zahid apparently said that "it is part of the Chinese culture and it should be respected".

I'm so outraged at this statement from Mr Ahmad Zahid. Since when the Chinese had a culture of having scantily clad girls performing at their ceremonies and events.

Please check your facts before you speak Mr Minister.

Your statement is very offensive.