Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lee Eun Ju

She looks so pretty, peaceful and serene in the picture on top. She's the late Lee Eun Ju. Surprised to learn that such a young and beuatiful lady is actually dead right? She was just 24 when she commited suicide on the night of Feb 22, 2005. So sad. Some of you might say that she looks familiar. Yeah she does look familiar because we've all seen her in korean movies and dramas. The picture below is shows her face clearly. She starred in Lover's Concerto and Taegukgi which were in my opinion quite good films.

I was kinda surprised to learn that she's actually dead when i checked up on her info. Obviously i didn't follow the news properly during 2005 or it wasn't prominent enough on our papers. That was my STPM year anyway. I'm so sad now. Why did she commit suicide? It would be so nice if she had lived and continued making films.

Rest in peace Eun Ju.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lovely as ever

The pin up girl of Korea. As lovely and beautiful as ever whether in short or long hair..muack muack muacks..love song hye kyo always. My fav forever. Can't wait for her new drama/ movies.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No As at all?

WTF !! This sem didn't get any A lah. The best also B+ oni..duno what happened..the papers all so easy..coursework marks also not bad..why like this 1 ??


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Korean Drama craze all over again

I thought i got over korean drama craze few years back but it all came back during this 3 weeks holiday. I've nvr really watched the KBS channel on Astro but so kebetulan i switched to that channel when a nice drama was showing.

Damn damn. Addiction come back. The one i'm watching right now is Sweet 18/ Little Bride starring Han Ji Hye. This drama quite old d made in 2004 but i nvr watch b4. Glued to it now hehe. Ji Hye quite cute ler actually but still no match for my eternal favourite Song Hye Kyo.

This is how Ji Hye looks like in the drama.

Next week semester is starting. Damn sien la. Can't watch dramas d but i can continue playin CoD4. Rusty like hell now. Gotta get back my aiming and direction sense fast if not sure kena pwn 1.

Preliminary results out d, passed all subjects. I have a good feeling that i'll score very good this time. Hopefully it comes true la. Really need to boost CGPA.

Thats all for now..chiaoz