Friday, February 27, 2009

ACC Week 4

Week 3 saw intense action and controversies as well. NX got booted out for smurfing and ESP got 1 of its ace players suspended for 1 week. ESP lost their match to Indonesian team Coop and their second match against NX was nvr played bcoz of NX failure to agree to a time for a match.

Week 4 will see ESP without the services of Quack as he is suspended for this week. ESP will have to take on the Bf.Nut juggernaut that is still undefeated and then try to get the upper hand against their local rivals SWL a few hours later.

All this is happening on Friday, 27th February. The match against Bf.Nut will be starting at 5.30pm and the SWL match is at 8.30pm. The first match will be shoutcasted by arseynimz and DA. You can catch the shoutcast at gamestah.

I will be at proX to watch Malaysia's no.1 esp.susu anchoring his team without the presence of his most dependable teammate and sidekick esp.Quack.

Interesting. I think Bf.Nut will prevail although it will be a close match.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Lately many hawt chics are coming to Blitzone for gaming sessions. So coincidentally, they usually go at the times that i am there. Most of the time they play either Dota or L4D. SOmetimes they go there to surf net and facebook. Lulz.

These chics are eye candies to most of our geng. Wahaha. Thou pleasing to look at, they can be distracting as well. Once we turn to look at them, we don't watch our screens anymore. That split second will coz pwnage to happen on us.

Neway damn syok la to see galz getting into the gaming scene. PC gaming do not belong to the guys exclusively. They belong to the galz as well. So, go gaming galz. If you can pwn the guys, even better.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

ESP vs RnF

The lag problem came back to haunt ESP in the first game at Vacant even though Holyboy played at home. The ping was around 300-400 and it was impossible for ESP to win the first game. They tried their best but it was in vain. ESP lost 13-5.

Then Susu went back to play at home leaving Quack, Pikachu and Nobie at ProEx. The ping got better when it was only 3 players at ProEx. The line was really bad especially during the night. Many ppl playin online games.

ESP owned the 2nd set at Crossfire winning by 13-4. Susu top scored here with 18 kills and 6 deaths.

The 3rd set was at District. This game proved to be a close 1. ESP was trailing 8-4 at some point fo the game before they came back strongly and won it 13-11.

Week2 ended with 1 win and 1 loss for ESP.Gaming. Looking forward to week 3.

Friday, February 13, 2009

ESP.Gaming vs [JEDI] Donkey Punch

The ACC game between ESP and JEDI.DP was a no contest as lag killed of any chance of ESP making a game out of it. The ping went up to as high as 600. I dont understand how can a connection between Singapore and Malaysia be that bad. Totally spoilt my day. Was anticipating a close game between the 2 COD4 titans. But what a letdown it was.

Anyway, rules are still rules and a win is still a win. So gg to JEDI and congrats for the win.

On another note, i think games with both the JEDI teams should not be hosted by the JEDI server. It's unfair. A neutral server should be used to host the games of JEDI teams.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Asian Call of Duty 4 Championship

It's finally here. The Asian Call of Duty 4 Championship (ACC)is a platform where COD4 players from all over Asia can get together and pit their skills.

The ACC is sponsored by Fragnetics LLP ( Fragnetics provide 2 servers on which the gamers will play on.

There are other server hosts too besides Fragnetics like the JEDI Promod server, United XEF-CERT Promod Server, and the PXGL/CEBU Promod Server among many others.

Fragnetics is a leading Singapore game server provider that offers web hosting and web application development services.Over the years we have grown an enthusiastic community by hosting PC games such as Counterstrike, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and PlaneShift. We are Battlefield 2 and 2142 ranked server providers appointed by Electronic Arts, operators of Singapore's first Steam Content Server, and platform providers for tournaments such as the World Cyber Games (WCG) Asian Championship.We host and manage enthusiast websites such as the VR-Zone forums, customize and develop content management systems for top local schools, and also assist artists in cyberart exhibitions.

The ACC format is a league style format. 30 teams play against each other and the winner will be the one at the top of the table once every team have played each other. Winners of each match receives 2 points, draw 1 point and losers, 0 points.

The type of game which will be played in the ACC is Search and Destroy 5 vs 5, best of 3 games. If a team/clan wins 2 games in a row, there is no need to go into the 3rd game.

ACC Maps: [*]Strike[*]Backlot[*]Crash[*]District[*]Crossfire[*]Vacant

Malaysia's best clans like ESP, SWL and RnF and many more will be pitted against pro teams like JEDI and Bf.Nut from Singapore and many others from other Asian countries.

Country List:

-[JEDI] Mamba
-[JEDI] DonkeyPunch
-LoveMachine <3m

-[CERT] Team 1

-Aztig Allies
-Ux2 Team No One
-Ux2 Nameless


All the best to the teams taking part in the ACC and i will be rooting for ESP as i have friends in there.

Good work to the organizers as this is a great effort to boost the gaming community in Asia. And thanks to the sponsors as well as this cannot happen without your participation.

For more information, visit the forum for the ACC at

Friday, February 6, 2009

Refreshing change

During the CNY holidays, my friends introduced a new Chinese rock duo's song to me. I was quite impressed to be honest. If i'm not mistaken, they are Chinese music's first male and female rock duo. Their brand of music was good. Reminds me of Roxette. Way to go 神木與瞳. I'm looking forward to hear more music from you two. Their song that i liked the most now is 為你而活.

You can watch the MV on youtube by click this link.

I highly recommend it. Enjoy watching.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY and karaoke-ing

This CNY was kinda fun for me. I went visiting from the 2nd day till the 5th day. Terror kan? It a record for me coz all along i only went visiting on the 3rd day which was our usual day. But this year we had to improvise. Previous experience told us that a single day is not enough to cover all the houses that we wish to go, so we accomodate more days lo. Many friends also have to start working on the 3rr/4th day. We don't have the pleasure of choosing our time like in the past anymore.

I got to see many friends again this year. Really miss all of them a lot. We talked, gambled, drank, ate and gossipped all day. So fun la reliving the good old days. Oh ya, got to see Hoong after such a long time. I really2 missed you, you know not? I had fun spending half the day with you.

Also got to spend time with vin and neth. Kinda long nvr lepak with them d. Oh ya this year some of them visited my house. Most of the time tak jadi go my house 1 coz out of the way but this year jadi ohh..hahha. They untung la, go my house got double ang pow 1. Ish. Hahaha

On the 4th day, i reserved the whole day for my F6 buddies. We went to Dreambox karaoke. Had plenty of fun there. Met up with so many friends that i din get to keep in touch with since going separate ways after F6. Sadly, due to miscommunication quite many classmates din make it to Dreambox. For me, it was enough though coz the ppl that i really wanted to see mostly turned up.

Hopefully next year, we could do this again. Most of us will be working already by then. Hopefully la. I really love these kinda big gatherings. Always got new things to update 1. Hehe

Monday, February 2, 2009


Saw HER again after a long time. Used to have much to talk about but now we're like so distant. However, the awkwardness that i expected wasn't there. I guess i don't care anymore. But my heart still jumped a few beats the moment i laid my eyes on her. Why ah? Hmm i think i should just let it slide coz i'm not ready anyway. I'm still too selfish to share my time with other ppl. Shud i change? All my friends say i should. How? Haih~~