Sunday, September 27, 2009


i-16 was damn fun but tiring as well. we were drawn against esp#paNIK in the first round. It was double elimination. So one map was played only. the winners of the knife round got to choose the side. the organizers chose the maps for us. esp won the knife round and the map was district. we lost 13-7. good try though. We're not really that disappointed as i have seen improvement in my team. furthermore we were up against the eventual champs and msia's no1 team. so no regrets. we were then dropped into the losers bracket where we faced pendulum_revive. The map was strike. we drew 12-12 on mr12. on mr3 we lost 4-1. abit sad though for this one as the win was there for the taking. too bad we couldn't keep our composure at the vital moments. anyway gg guys. let's improve more. we'll give esp a better fight next time.

in terms of personal achievements, i felt that today i performed quite well. however, i'm still no match for quacks super fast reflexes. when he took over the smg. i was in deep trouble whenever i met him. just couldn't out reflex him. just too fast and too good. even when he had sniper, his deagle still pwned me. sigh. need to really buck up. against pendulum, basically i had no problems individual wise. team work wise. we need to improve.

Below is a picture of my team with SWL.aBuse at i-16.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


wtf wei, got pwned 13-3 District, 13-3 Crossfire, 13-7 Backlot by Coop. We really noob to the max edi lah.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Promod Tour

It was a successful event. Had so much fun. However the end was kinda frustrating for me. I was deprived of an official runner-up spot by Eric's butt. He caused Rojak's PC to restart which meant all records for my server were gone. So i had to "o-jus" with another player to see who got 2nd prize. WTF fair man..anyway that guy was steady la..b4 we "o-jus" we agreed that we should split the money gained from the prize after selling it. But money isn't my concern..i wan the recognition..if i'm not mistaken i had 400+ points lor..clearly a runner-up spot. sighz.

the champion was KePang as i expected. he had no challenge. no one's skill level is anywhere near him. furthermore i was in different server than him. if i had been his opponent, i might be able to do something about his "IMBA" score of 500+.

i might wan to join again tml if D&G gives me the green light. i wan go sapu the DeathAdder. Wahaha.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Freedom at last?

Is this it? Is this what i have been waiting since 3 years ago when i stepped foot to PJ? i don't know yet for sure till results are out but officially now..i am free. i can do whatever i want. no classes, no assignments, no exams, no more headaches!

Yesterday was the last paper which was professional writing. After that paper, we went to watch Gamer which was quite nice but many cuts already compared to the first screening. Fuck malaysian censorship board.

after movie, we went to puchong for our late lunch. had steamboat. the malak soup fuckin hot. regret i chose that. should have went for tom yam soup.

after that we went to look out point. in a convoy weii..syoknye. we reach quite late around 10. but it was so nice. the weather was so cooling. the mist and the breeeze and the fresh

Had alot of fun. thx peeps. it hasn't really sunk in that this is our last outing. we wont meet each other already until around convocation. i know i will be sad soon.

in a few hours, there's the promod tour for me to win. must get some rest now so that i can be in top condition. i got no excuses this time if i don't win. i will consider it a failure.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The Asian Call of Duty 4 Championships (ACC) season 2 is kicking of this monday. 40 teams from countries all around Asia will be competing this season. Last season saw teams from Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India taking part. This season, the ACC really takes on the Asian flavour as teams from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and many more countries will be joining.

I can't wait to start going. Been waiting for so long for season 2 to start. This is so exciting. Each team can have a lineup of 10 people. It is an increase from the 7 of last season. ACC2 is also recognized by ESPGL and points can be earned for the PSL rankings chart.

Bring on the international challenge man. Asian superstardom is within reach. Looking to perform well here and get noticed by pro clans..woohooo


Woah, what a night! Damn untung sial. I saw a damn damn pretty eurasian chick sitting at the table opposite mine. I found myself unable to stop staring at her direction. Omg..her face is still in my mind now 3 hours later..her eyes mcm got magnet beautiful. oh man..

She looks alot like choilin. duno if it's her.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nerd rage

Today, we had a scrim with rF. The scrim wasn't perfect because the line in blitz was giving us ping spikes. we played 3 maps: crash, strike and crossfire. the first 2 maps were ok but during the 3rd map one of our guys went crazy and erupted like a volcano. we gamers called it a nerd rage. he just slammed the table, threw his mouse away and walked out. the mouse flew across my face and landed near my friend. i was like "WTF! is going on". It was just the lag. i don't know why he was so upset about it. cope with it man.

in my opinion, ppl like this should not get involved in serious gaming. if you want to call urself a gamer, you must be able to endure being pwned, humiliated, scolded and taunted. if you can't do that then dont play! get lost and play at home.

it's all a learning curve. come on ! kiasu also no need until like this. put the kiasu-ness to good use and improve.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's 2.41 am now. so it was yesterday that we went to 1u to watch final destination. it was at 11..but i had to wake up way b4 that to pay my room's rental to the new house leader. he sux. says he will be there at 8am but i see no sign of him. waste my sleeping time.

went to movie and he called me again as the movie was finishing. i had to rush back to section17 from 1u to pass him the rental. when i reached home, he wasn't around. i am super pissed by now. ask me to come back and he not around. made me go around looking for him. fuk u lah.

final destination 4 sucks. it was so unreal that i was laughing and saying "wtf" all the way. directors and producer, you guys did a good job of losing the fan base frm final destinations 1,2,3.

then went to blitz. din play today. just watch. dont feel like it. after that went to steven's corner for supper. argh super tired but had great fun today.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

US Open

The US Open tennis grand slam is on its way. i can't wait to get back home and follow all the action. R Fed, Nadal and Sharapova all cruised past the first round. This means more incentive for me to watch..without this 3 around i wouldn't be so keen to follow it.

Hopefully this time Sharapova can do well. at least she can win something in an injury blighted year.