Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taeyeon: "Musician's Choice"!

Taeyeon returns with SNSD's 2nd album [Oh!]
Songs that she wants to play on the radio
Taeyeon who is currently busy with the release of 'Oh!' as well as her role as a DJ shares her all time favorite music

Taeyeon's "Songs that she wants to play on the radio"

Being a radio DJ provides a singer with a great aid in increasing her range of music. They have the fastest access to all the latest music and get to listen to hidden songs that aren't usually announced publicly and this can help the singer come in contact and absorb various styles of music. Being labeled as the 'Youngest chosen DJ', Taeyeon has taken her first steps as a radio DJ in 2008 as the DJ of MBC FM4U's [Taeyeon's Chin Han Chin Gu]. Taeyeon stated "The variety of music that I listen to has increased greatly and has helped me to become a better singer". She has invited other singers with great vocal abilities and has labeled listening to their live singing as 'treats' in doing her work. Taeyeon has played a major role in leading SNSD from becoming a group just for their visuals to a group that can be appreciated for their music. The musical trends and styles that Taeyeon absorbs through her DJ-ing is transferred to the other members. Because SNSD has become a 'national group' and is always busy trying to keep up with their hectic schedules, the rest of the members of SNSD gets their fill of musical hunger from Taeyeon and her position as a radio DJ.

Taeyeon, who has a unique voice and powerful singing ability, begun her dream to become a singer when she saw BoA perform 'ID; Peace B'. She began her life as a trainee after winning first place in the 2004 SM Teenager Best Singer Competition. Through her life as a trainee, she dreamed to become like Whitney Houston, a singer with a mature vocal ability and expressive singing abilities. "As I lived as a trainee, I started to like Utada Hikaru's voice. Whenever I was listening to her voice, I always got the feeling that she was a very mature singer." Taeyeon chose the title of "Songs that I want to play on the radio" for the Naver Musician's Choice article. Then she chose 5 albums that she wanted to share. "Even after a hard day, I feel relaxed when I enter the radio booth. The people that I meet while on the radio, it almost feels as if I have invited friends over into my own room."

Taeyeon's 1st Choice : Pixie Lott's [Turn It Up]
1st album released by Great Britain's Pixie Lott in September of 2009. It is hard to believe that she is only 18 and still manages to uphold her youthful but mature image. Taeyeon often receives newly released albums as gifts from the radio PD's and stated that 'Turn It Up' was also a gift for her. She was not able to set apart time to listen to it until she hear the song 'Cry Me Out' on [Bae ChulSoo's Music Camp] and fell in love with Pixie Lott's singing. After that, she has listened to Pixie Lott on constant repeat. Taeyeon stated, "I was surprised to find out that Pixie Lott was younger than I am. She looks beautiful with her blonde hair too. She has a very mature singing voice despite her young age. I think that her vocal abilities are especially accentuated in her song 'Cry Me Out.'"

Taeyeon's 2nd Choice : Utada Hikaru's [This Is The One]
An english album released by the R&B singer/songwriter Utada Hikaru, who has sold over 52 million copies of her album in Japan only. "I especially liked Utada Hikaru's voice. I enjoyed her music from early on, but [This Is The One] gave me the feeling of her continuously maturing skills. Maybe because of the fact that she worked with Mariah Carey's staff, the songs have a pop style to them. It's a precise mix of J-Pop and American Pop music. Her previous song 'First Love' is one of my all time favorites. When the fans found out that I was a fan of Utada Hikaru, one fan sent me all of her albums as a gift so I was able to listen to every single song that she has sang. I think that 'This One' is very expressive and has a overall nice feeling to it. Its a song that Utada Hikaru is attached too also."

Taeyeon's 3rd Choice : Whitney Houston's [I Look To You]
"Whitney Houston does not need any excessive describing. She is a singer that I liked since I was young, and I believe that she is a role model for anyone in training to become a singer. I also sang 'Greatest Love of All' and 'Run To You' numerous times while I was training. Whitney Houston shows off a familiar voice in this album, but instead of her full vocal ability or her singing skills, the rhythmic songs that she sang were new and intriguing. Even thought I enjoy her first sing;e 'Million Dollar Bill', I think that 'Call You Tonight' is more in tune with a Korean listener's preference. The mix of the medium tempo with her full voice goes well together."

Taeyeon's 4th Choice : Lee YoungHyun's [Take It]
Lee YoungHyun, who debuted as part of Big Mama released her solo album in November of 2009. This album is filled with melodic songs that is loved by the public mass. "I think that Lee YoungHyun sunbaenim's vocal skills is really refreshing to listen to and I believe that many trainees have her set as a 'textbook role model'. I also sang a lot of songs by Big Mama during my trainee days. Recently there have been a lot of idols debuting and I couldn't find songs that had the feeling similar to [Take It]. I got the chance to listen to Lee YoungHyun sunbaenim's live singing during a radio DJ session and I thought that I was just going to grow wings and fly away from happiness. The song 'Ready for Love' caught my ears and reminded me of a movie called [Dream Girls]. She usually has a sorrowful ballad as her main focus, but this song was a bright and joyful song. The part where she 'shouts' is the point of the song and I feel good every time I listen to it."

Taeyeon's 5th Choice : Leona Lewis' [Spirit]
An album released by Leona Lewis who debuted through the Great Britain's version of [American Idol], the [X Factor]. Leona was a employee at Pizza Hut until she became a world star through [X Factor]. Taeyeon also came to know this singer through a gift from a radio PD. "I think that Leona Lewis is a singer with the ability to travel freely through the high and low pitches. Especially in the song 'The Best You Never Had', Leona Lewis shows off her own distinct singing abilities. Her vocal skills constantly give me the urge to try to imitate her. Because I am a singer, I constantly get the thought of how the song will sound if I were to sing it. Leona Lewis is good at picking out the best parts of her songs and bringing that to focus. Leona Lewis shows off her skills to be an inviting singer that urges the listener to start singing along, especially in 'The Best You Never Had.'"

Recharging through music, SNSD's Taeyeon
After giving rise to consecutive hits with 'Gee' and 'Genie' last year, Taeyeon will resume her singing career beginning in February after a short break. Taeyeon, who has felt that she has become more mature after the first SNSD concert in the end of 2009 will start a Asia tour in April. Even though she has not started officially, Taeyeon stated, "I want to start writing songs so I've been playing around with the guitar recently. I've been busy lately so I didn't have much time but I spend a small amount of time each day playing with the instrument."

"The reason why SNSD is so lively despite the busy schedules of performance and album preparation is because we are constantly listening to music. We receive new energy from music and are recharged by it. I got the feeling that the members have grown a lot through this new album. I have high expectations myself about how we will be able to show off our various selves with the new album."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winning hand

Just got back from Zach's place. Had a bbq party there with the ESP guys. Played poker and won 14 bucks. Damn happy. Was the biggest winner this time.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can't get enough

Having a tv and astro at home is so nice after years in pj without tv. the past 3 weeks that i have been at home i've managed to catch 3 episodes of the variety show Invincible Youth. Absolutely love it. Main reason is the girls in the show. There is SNSD's Yuri and Sunny, Kara's Goo Hara, Secret's Seonhwa, T-ara's Hyomin and the sexy HyunA of the group 4minute. The others i don' really care about them coz they aren't that pretty. I never liked this kinda variety shows b4 this but Invincible Youth changed all that. I actually laughed my heart out at their antics.

Invincible Youth also allowed me to see more of Yuri and this made me like her more. She used to be near the bottom of my favourite list among the nine girls of SNSD but now i've learned to appreciate her more and she's risen to no.3 displacing Seohyun. Taeyeon still ranks first followed by Yoona. As for Tiffany, i don't know what is going on in her head. Is she not watching her diet? Her hour-glass figure is quickly vanishing and her waistline is expanding, such a pain to watch.

Then there's also a new drama showing on KBS. The Slave Hunter stars Lee Da Hae another pretty chic. Reason enough for me to watch it. Can't wait to go home to my tv because i will be in PJ till Tuesday nite.

Yesterday tried playing COD4 again after a 3 week break. I was surprised to find that i am totally off. Took me few maps to recover my touch. Teammates criticized me for being slow and inaccurate. Can't help it. I don't have net at home in Melaka.

Went to murni new outlet as well. The place quite nice but abit cramped, lotsa ppl. However the food not as good as the original. I wonder why, same ppl making the food.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh! mv

Love the blue cheerleader uniform and the pink knee high boots..Yuri's prettier now with her straight hair. Sooyoung's fairer and more mature d. My favourite Taeyeon still as lovely as ever, prettier maybe.

The evil SNSD at the end looks hot! Seems like its their next theme..damn cool.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Girls' Generation highly anticipated new song Oh! from their new album is released today. The mv will be out on 27th and the full album will be on sale on 28th.

The song Oh! reach no.1 in online real-time music charts within 10 mins when it was released today at 11am.

The new song Oh! can be downloaded at

Or you can listen to it at youtube @

Damn the tune... <3 SNSD

Monday, January 18, 2010

Good site for Kpop download

The link i posted above is one of the best places to download your favourite korean songs. It's quite up to date and complete. It is very well organized too. I will add it to my links too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cousin's Wedding

Attended my distant cousin's wedding at Concorde with my parents. Too bored ntg to do, so tagged along. Another reason was that i dont need to pay for my food for 1 day. haha. I actually got more in return. I saw many cousins that i never saw before. I actually don't care that much about the guy cousin, i only had eyes for the girl cousins. Some of them really grew into pretty things.

The bride, my cousin's wife super freaking hot. Her chi muis some also damn hot especially in their white silk gowns. Phewit. There were a few "pork chops" of course but who cares bout them. Bluek

I'm so bad. Cuci mata for 2 consecutive days d. Now thinking of prolonging it to 3 consecutive days tomorrow night.