Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shocking and depressing

on monday, i went to pj for an interview with Prof Romaine who is our course's external examiner and moderator. woke up at 4.30 am to bath and prepare my stuff. have to catch bus at 5.30am. so tired lah. i didn't have enuff sleep. sunday midnight was watching the match between Liv and Arsenal. it finished around 2am. tried to grab some precious few hours of sleep b4 4.30 am but unfortunately i couldn't sleep. i dont know why. maybe bcoz i had a cup of teh ais when i went out to minum with my friends. i tossed and turned around in my bed and just couldn't sleep. finally when my eyes managed to shut, i was rudely awaked by my alarm. sad lah..oni got 30 minutes of rest.

the roads are clear. so i sped to sentral lo. took me less than 10 minutes to reach. reached there around 5 am. have to wait. this time damn sueh lah. the KKKL bus on this trip is an old and low powered bus. surely take more than 2 hours 1 coz it cant go fast. after boarding i straight away plug my eyes with earphones, started to listen to music and try to get some sleep. too bad i still couldn't seem to manage it. haih~

upon reachin KL, i took a bus to PJ loh. damn, the aircond was so cold that the hairs on my arms are standing. the skies were gloomy and looked like it was about to rain. upon reaching PC, saw anita and Ms Foo. she came earlier than me, so unexpected. Ms Foo then belanja us breakfast. Haha. After that went back to PC and i went to lab to online. later tony and shan joined us. after some time selva saw us and he came to talk to us. he then proceeded to drop a bombshell. he told me he read my blog ! my heart almost stopped beating then. i wrote many bad things about him in the blog but anyway its the truth and everyone feels like that. i wrote that entry b4 he explained himself to us. so selva, u cant blame me for writing that.

i know u must think that i am a backstabber bcoz i've nvr said anything in front of you. i din say anything in front of you bcoz i don't want to jeopardize my marks in exams and courseworks. i did gave u hints about your attitude but i dont know whether you got it or not. hopefully no hard feelings bcoz i am just stating the truth. i might have used some expletives and for that i am sorry.

ok back to the story. he SEEMS to be ok and not angry about what i wrote. he even manage to joke with me. after he dropped the bombshell. my mind was not at peace anymore. i was wondering how he found my blog. he said he stumbled upon it accidentally. i really doubt that. ntg much happen after that lo. went in for the interview with Prof Romaine. din last very long bcoz she only have 5-7 minutes for each group of students. we did offer her a few suggestions on changes to our course. after speaking with the Prof, we went to the next room to grab some pizzas. its on the university. 2 slices for each student. i only grabbed one as i was kinda full. then ms angie saw us. she was looking at me and saying "u must be kah joon". i was puzzled and my facial expression showed it all. then she said " i read your blog and saw ur picture there". another surprise! i went "my god! how come so many ppl read my blog 1!" i wonder how many lecturers are reading my blog. i must be in big trouble man.

next, called Dr Carmen to meet up for lunch. i related the everything that happened to her. she was surprised that my blog was read by ms angie and selva. then she told me that my post about the judiciary scandal in the critical thinking blog was once a big hit. her journalist friends told her that. i must be in govt blacklist d lah. die man. i wrote so much bad things bout govt. she also said that many faculty members are reading our critical thinking blog. i was dumbfounded. i didnt expect that so many ppl are reading our critical thinking blog.

then shan asked her who picked us for this interview 1 and did she recommend anyone. she said it was picked by the faculty and she did not recommend anyone. she also told me some confidential stuff lah. cannot post here bcoz my blog too hot d. nanti i kena trouble. next time when i post things must be more careful d.

after lunch, we went back to PC. actually only tony and me coz the others have to cabut d. tony and i wanted to attend Prof Romaine's lecture later at 2.30pm. in the meantime, we went to lab to surf the net and try to figure out how selva stumbled upon my blog. we tried many combination of keywords but my blog hard surfaced in the search. only when exact keywords are used my blog surfaced. so i wonder how come so many ppl are reading my blog. it is bcoz i am linked by my friends? or what selva said is true that he accidentally stumbled upon it. dont know lah. the results of our research: we found out that the blogs of amy, may shing, tony, and viv surface quite easily in the search engines. so u guys be careful of what you write lah okay? hehe.

i did consider creating another account without using my own name to be anonymous. i quickly discarded that idea bcoz its like being a coward writing in anonymity. i write the truth and this blog is mine so i have the freedom to express what i felt in my own blog. i dont do slander or spread lies so i shouldn't feel afraid of what i write.

the lecture by Prof Romaine was good and very informative but then tony and i concluded that it was kinda deep and needed to be understood and appreciated properly. i have to read twice to understand what she was trying to tell us. i really need more time with the stuff that she lectured but sadly its not forthcoming. if i want it, have to buy her upcoming book. i went to the net to search her up. to my amazement, she have written so many books. i was speechless. Professor from Oxford really bukan main main. they really are that good. compare to our local lecturers, i malu ler. Prof Romaine is like ages ahead. i noticed that a few public Uni lecturers keep asking her questions after she finised her lecture. they din even gave Prof Romaine a chance to get some refreshments. they really trying to squeeze everything they can from her.

not really much after that so decided to go back lo coz its 4 plus d. must cabut b4 traffic jam starts. it was raining and i couldnt walk to the bus stop. so i seeked the help of Dr Carmen. she drove me to the bus stop. so nice of her. haha. reached puduraya at 4.45pm. managed to grab a bus ticket back. the bus departed at 5. the jam wasn't that bad after all. surprisingly it was quite smooth. passed by midvalley. so much change d la. 1 month nvr see already develop so much d. cant wait for The Gardens at Midvalley to open. it looks so nice lah. i also want to go to Pyramid 2. argh! Nov 24 is the next critical thinking meeting. i will try my best to be there and ambil kesempatan to go Pyramid 2 and Pavillion. haha. ok la thats all this time.

Friday, October 26, 2007

bad day

yesterday was a frustrating and tiring day for me. have to wake up early morning and go uncle's house to help out with his business. then later at noon have to rush to GH to fetch grandma home. she damn degil wan go home. doctors say blood pressure too high can't go home also she dun care. old ppl..haih~~

on the way there sumthing that made me super upset happened. as i was cornering out from a junction, a mad man that was crossing the road suddenly take his rod and hit my car. tak pasal pasal i kena. got 2 deep scratches on my car d now..damn kek sim.. felt like stopping and wack him up but couldn't bcoz the road is a main road and no place to stop. damn frustrated so i sped towards GH lo, almost accident. goin too fast at a stretch of road and suddenly a car came out from a a small road. nasib i could evade that car and a motorcycle that is in the middle of the road. thanks to my cool head and better skills after 3 accidents, i am now a better driver.

reach GH in around 10 mins from kota. found parking quite easily as it was lunch time. proceeded to find the ward that my grandma was in. susah payah aku cari. GH damn big. when i found it at last, dad told me grandma could not be discharged yet as her blood pressure is still too high. kena wait lo. discharge procedure damn complicated and inefficient samore. i was there from 12.45-6.30. waste my time. so hungry and tired samore.

when at last grandma was allowed to go home, i noticed that i lost my car key! i didn't even know how it could happen. terpaksa ask bro to get the spare key from home. damn mah fan. i run around the hospital tracing my steps to everywhere i went and still couldn't find the key. i ran around GH for 3 rounds. penat gile sial. up and down the staircase samore. duno lost how much weight yesterday.

enough of the negativity d. on a better note, when i was in the hospital i saw many young doctors. damn gaya la they all. then i start to imagine my friends that are studying medicine as doctors one day. damn proud of them lah. the lady doctors also quite cun, not bad lah. the nurses almost 90% malay but got a few not bad ones lah but then they will surely bloat 1 after marriage so better dun bother them too much. malays are like that. when young cun but once they get married, habislah no need see d.

the wah lai toi dramas yesterday so hilarious lah. luckily have 2 more months to watch. i think can finish forensic heroes kua. got linda chung. woohoo..

oh ya since i am writing about hospitals, i wan to raise this question. why do patients in the hospitals need to be taken cared of and alwiz attended to by family members? why cannot just leave them there in the care of the doctors and nurse? why must teman them all the time 1? wasting time isn't? for example coma patients, u know that person won't be conscious so why stay by his/her side all the time? is it that important to be there when the person wakes up? i find it ridiculous. work productivity goes down when this happens. so i think it should be discouraged. that is my opinion lah. anyone who disagrees of have a different POV, pls enlighten me.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Super weekend

this past weekend had been a great one for me. played tennis with pals. damn tiring lah. picked it up again after such a long time. lost so many techniques d..must polish liao. then went to saravana to eat good indian food damn spicy lah..sibe pedas..cant even finish the whole thing. next time dun wan eat d..yiishh

then arsenal won 2-0 against bolton. cun lah..liverpool just scraped out a win. wahaha. then the climax. ferrari and raikkonen wins the F1 championship. fantastic la. padan muka lewis hamilton. berlagak lebih. u deserve to lose ! hooray..Ferrari is alwiz the best! hahha

watched superman returns on sunday. it was ok lah the storyline but i watched it mainly bcoz i want to see kate bosworth. she's damn pretty lah..stupid orlando bloom go dump her..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Business: In the beginning was Umno

Read more about UMNO's vast business empire and the blurring of lines between politics and business. Will insert charts later.

You can also read up this book by Edmund Terence Gomez titled Umno's Corporate Investments to get more info.

i was shocked when i read that. Money politics..haih~~

Sunday, October 14, 2007

polygamy and censorship

hari ini aku tonton filem produksi indonesia yg bertajuk Berbagi Suami. ianya satu filem yg sungguh hebat. filem ini sebenarnya ialah 3 cerita yg digabungkan menjadi satu dengan menggunakan teknik flashback. filem ini mengisahkan tentang isu polygamy. cerita pertama ialah seorang ahli perniagaan yg kemudiannya menjadi ahli politik. dia mempunyai 4 isteri. cerita kedua tentang seorang pemandu bagi sebuah syarikat perfileman. dia juga beristeri empat. laki ini tidak kaya, pendapatannya setakat cukup saja. dia akhirnya menjangkitkan penyakit STD kepada isteri-isterinya. cerita ketiga tentang seorang peniaga yg tergilakan seorang pekerjanya.

filem ini menunjukkan akibat buruk sekiranya mengamalkan polygamy. filem ini juga menyedarkan saya betapa teruknya sidang sensor negara kita. filem seperti ini tentu dikutuk teruk sekiranya pengarah dari malaysia yg membikin filem ini. pelakon pelakon dlm filem ini mendedahkan lebih banyak kulit jika dibandingkan dengan filem dari malaysia. bayangkanlah indonesia sebuah negara islam yg lebih fanatik dari malaysia tidak mengheboh-hebohkan pendedahan yg berlebihan ini. di malaysia pula, isu ini dijadikan leverage politik. sungguh mengecewakan dan mengaibkan.

selain itu, isu polygamy juga dianggap sensitif di malaysia dan tidak sepatutnya dibincangkan. di indonesia pula polygamy dibincangkan dengan terbuka. macam manalah kita nak jadi negara yg maju jika semua isu sensitif tidak boleh dibincangkan. banyak sangat tekanan dari kerajaan. rakyat menjadi pak turut sahaja. itukan yg kerajaan kita mahukan? rakyat yg hanya tahu membisu sahaja dan tidak berani melangkah keluar dari tempurung mereka.

haha, first time blog in malay. karat d lah. wanna practice. i recommend this movie to all. its a good watch. got eye candies also. the actress in the 3rd story damn cun. i think her name is Dominique. one of the top models in indonesia.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

raya eve

it's 1.56am now. and its raya pertama but i'm not bloggin bout today. it's about yesterday. woke up at 11.45am to catch the repeat of the hokkien drama on AEC bcoz i missed it the day before. then ate my brunch and watch tv again. was watchin the encore of Numbers season2 and Las Vegas season and a korean drama Love Truly till around 3.15. after that went out to repair my car's windscreen wiper. i spoilt it when i was washing the car. dad ask me go find kai kor to fix it so i went malim to find kai kor lo. he bought me 100Plus and fixed the wiper for me. he also modified my exhaust system for free. so good la dat fler. if i were to go to another shop. it might cost me around 50-60 bucks d. after he mod my car, it is now more powerful than last time d. the acceleration went up d. feels like a 1800cc car. haha maybe i'm exaggerating la coz i know how a 1.8 accelerates coz i own a Gti.

so happy lah the performance of my car upgraded d, now i accelerate faster. feels great. cabut from malim around 5. reached home at 5.15 like that. washed my car again to get rid of bird shit and the oil stains when kai kor fix the wiper. then sent brother to uncle's hse coz later he got tuition. stayed there to catch my hokkien drama b4 goin back home again. today's episode makes me so angry lah. damn tulan. feel like wanna take the gun and shoot the stupid Peggy and Sheng Tian's mum. u two can go mampuslah. alwiz bully li zhu. glad to see tian zhu starting to think.

then rush home coz at 8 got another drama. reach home d i quickly eat and get ready for my daily tv marathon till 10.30. in the midst of all this, suddenly viv sms me sayin she's upset about the criticism she received in her blog. i was like, what?? like dat also wan angry? then i din reply her coz lazy and duno wan say what. few mins later she sms me the same msg again. this time terpaksa reply d.

actually rite, i think that she invited the criticism 1 lor. u dont angry ar if u read this bcoz that is what i feel lah. u posted too many d and sometimes this makes ppl feel benci and muak u noe. i know that the blog is yours and you can do whatever you like with it. but its open to public so you have to be ready to receive criticism lo. Voltaire once said "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". you dont practice what you learn in critical thinking class lo. you have to know how to deal with this. dont want comment on this sammore la. later more trouble. in short, i dont agree with the course of action you took. but that is my opinion, feel free to disagree with me.

oh ya, one more thing. i notice that when you're offended with someone. you'll label them with some terms like jahiliah or asperger. i dont know what is the reason for this but i think it's just silly. you got mad at ah bee and u call her orang jahiliah. now this anonymous person you label him/her as suffering from Asperger syndrome. you find relief from that?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nostalgic pt 1

yest i stumbled upon 2 pictures. they were from my family vacation to pangkor back in 1999. i was only form 2 in '99. i look so young and naive back then. so different from now. so old d. my youngest bro was so cute la that time. 5/6 years old oni. i really miss the days when i was young. i wish i could turn back the clock and live that life again. a carefree life without worries.

i'm still in 2Arif that time. i remember that the teacher that i hated the most was Ms Chong who teaches geography. makes me wanna sleep. that is the first time that i sleep in class..and from that day onwards i develop a habit of sleeping in class d. i was sitting at the front skali, right in front of teacher's desk. i still remember my results for exams are starting to fall dramatically in f2. all because of stupid counter-strike. i was obssessed with it. being the best one shot one kill sniper is more important to me than studies. thinkin back, i hated myself for being such a fool. i should have thought of the consequences. it proved to be the start of the downfall of my studies. the next year i would get demoted to 3Bestari. it sucked. enought of the bitter memories.

1999 was the year i got to know hoong, chen li and meiwah. kenal hoong first 1 then slowly got to know her frens and all. hoong had short hair back then. ah li also look very diff from how she looks right now. then i started to use the net. used icq first. then migrated to mirc. from there kenal meiwah lo and all the other peeps. collin, shannon, kacuak, wiliang were the few good friends of mine back then. still remember them arguing about hoong or fen more pretty..haha.

oh ya f2 was also when i started to go for maths tuition at mr pancha. there i kenal myn wee and the other high school guys. the only gbs budaks there were jin, me, min shen and edry. used to cycle there 1 in the noon. had a stressful time studyin under mr pancha bcoz he so garang lah. i tak pernah nvr do his hw scared lah. his hw bukannya sikit..banyak maths dah lah teruk kena buat so many exercise samore..haha. duncan also stayin at that taman. went to his home few times.

ish ish..those were the days lah..miss them so much. i wish there is a time machine where i can go back in time and see all these again..haih~~i love all of you my friends and you all will alwiz be in my heart no matter what.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I just finished watching Resident Evil: Extinction. Overall i give it a rating of 3.5/5. the opening was ok but the middle is kinda expected. alot of ppl dying, alot of shooting, alot of cool action scenes and alot of cliche moments. dark place, very scary, electric sparks everywhere, u know how it is lah. The end is super. To fans of Resident Evil, rest assure that this is not the last of the Resident Evil movies. there will be more coming up.

Milla Jovovich is as hot and sexy as ever, kicking ass everywhere she goes. this time viewers have eye candies to enjoy. Ali Larter of Heroes fame is in Extinction. she din play a big part in this movie though but next 1 i guess she'll be having a bigger role and more camera time. looking forward to it. she's such a cun babe lah. a few young actresses were in as well. i have a gut feeling that tells me that one of the girls will have a big role in the next movie.

Final verdict, i think it is worth your money to watch this.

My next movie will be Bourne Ultimatum.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Forms / Borang

today i went to the post office to register myself as a voter. the registration process was simple, quick and hassle free. kudos to Pos Malaysia.

BUT there are few PROBLEMs that i'm not really happy with. i don't think its the fault of Pos Malaysia but SPR itself.

the registration process needs:
1. race / bangsa
2. agama / religion

WHY is it in malaysia that when we fill up forms, any forms lah..we have to state our race and religion 1. i tot we are bangsa malaysia! why in the forms got melayu, cina, india and sorts? why? then there's the agama thing. why do they need to know what religion that person subscribe to? is it relevant at all?

this also happen during our public exams. y students have to state their race and religion 1?

when i was registering, the person ask me for my religion, i saw all the options and u know what? i saw one option stating TIADA AGAMA. i was damn surprised that option even exists in our country. so i chose that and the person gave me THE LOOK, u know lah..then that person look towards a police officer. i mean what the heck! salah ke if i tiada agama! if dont like then dont put the option there lah. the person serving me was a malay lady. then she ask me, u pasti nak option ini? then i ask her, ada salinan bertulis ke? she say got, then i change lo coz i dont want to cause problems at home and later on. my grandma super conservative and if she finds out she will pressure my dad to give me a good scolding. my parents also dont approve of me being religionless. sad case lah !


I've been tagged! hoong, i do this coz u're my dearest fren. if not malas sial..

hOonG's Q: i cant tink of a good one. so..mayb an easy and common one. u noe dat sumone hav feelings for u.. but he/she does not show any extra expression about it. but u just felt it! and of course u heard dat he/she reli hav a crush on u. one dat is vry serious. wat will u do?

My Answer
i'm a guy so i'm gonna answer from a guy's perspective. what will i do? first i would go to a quiet place to think. i will ask myself about my feelings for her. do i have feelings for her? then i would consider again and again if what i felt is true or i perasan 1. the things that i heard maybe wasn't true so have to make sure. most important of all, what i feel about her and do i love her. if the answer is yes, then i would tell her one to one, eye to eye how i feel about her and ask about her feelings towards me. if she have the same feelings as i have, then i would ask her to be my partner. thats what i would do.

the instruction: I'll tag you a question which you'll answer on your blog, and then you create your own question and tag it on to someone else.

kj's question
i dont think i have any new question but i think the question that hoong posed was very good so i will take it and edit it a little. so here goes:
You like this someone and u feel that this someone also have feeligns towards you. this person's friend also told you that this person have feelings towards you. BUT this person never let his/her feelings show and nvr say anything or give any obvious hints that he/she likes you. so what would you do? would you make the first move or wait?

i dunno wan tag who la. so whoever reads this and feels like answering, you can answer here lo.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


holidays now, so bored ntg to do. the early results of the 6 papers out d and all passed. can't say i'm relieved though coz failure is not an option to me..must get good grades this sem if not big trouble lah.

now i realized that life without broadband sucks..back at home i only have dialup connection that is slower than a normal dialup..hate it but no choice. right now at uncle's place typing this blog coz at home cant do it. neways wont be updating frequently for this 3 months lah. maybe 1 week i'll update once lah, hopefully hehe. fingers crossed.

Jan 1, 2008 is the date of the next toll increase for eight concessionaires and one of them is PLUS. the tolls will increase by 10% man..damn, makes travel more costly.argh