Friday, May 23, 2008

End of hols

New semester is about to start. 2 more days b4 holidays end. Sadz. Can't relax anymore. haih~

2 weddings is about to happen in my extended family. one's my dad's cousin and another my god brother. Duno i can attend or not..sigh~~

I saw Grease few days ago. I actually liked it alot. I was surprised to be honest. Coz all these while i thought 70s movies are boring. haha. John Travolta and Olivia Newton John were sensational. She's so pretty back then..the music and songs were fantastic too..those were the days. I dont think these kind of shows will ever appear in our movie screens again. the disco era is gone..i wish i had a time machine to travel to the 70s era. i wan to feel what is it like to be living in the 70s.

and not to be forgotten, i manage to sort out all those irritating noises that were coming from my cars rear. changed both the swing arms. and the squeaking noises are gone for good..hooray!! spent so much money on my car already. need to spend again the next time to fix the front of the car the next time i come back to melaka.

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