Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Craze

Been back in Malacca for a week already. I've been doing no reading for the coming finals at all. I'm currently watching a lot of television and that is all i am doing right now. THere's a new drama series from China called The New Shanghai Bund/ 新上海滩. Handsome actor, pretty actresses and great plot. What more can i ask for? I really enjoyed watching the old version of Shanghai Bund but this new 1 really entrances me. I'm already smitten by the actress that plays Xiao Yun's part. The gal who acts as Cheng Cheng also not bad. Hehe.

Besides that drama, i've been doing some catching up with my favourite drama 意难忘. Didn't watch it for months d and i really miss it lots. Li Zhu is back and she's as lovely as ever. However Ting Ting is sick. Sadz. Shan Ni don't hate Tian Zhu anymore and Jia Jia is trying her best not to be the third party. Sadly she's gonna die soon according to some sources. Haihz. Have to go back to PJ soon and can't watch my fav drama anymore..Grrr.

Friends planning to come to melaka during sem break. Having a real headache thinking of place for them to stay. I just realized that it's hard to find a cheap, clean and nice place to stay in Melaka actually. They plan to come on Sunday and stay for 3 days 2 nights. I'm worried now because it will definitely disrupt my drama schedule. Hmm don't care lah. My drama more important. I will finish my drama b4 layan them. Wahaha. Ppls dont marah arr if u read this. Lolz.

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