Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lee Eun Ju

She looks so pretty, peaceful and serene in the picture on top. She's the late Lee Eun Ju. Surprised to learn that such a young and beuatiful lady is actually dead right? She was just 24 when she commited suicide on the night of Feb 22, 2005. So sad. Some of you might say that she looks familiar. Yeah she does look familiar because we've all seen her in korean movies and dramas. The picture below is shows her face clearly. She starred in Lover's Concerto and Taegukgi which were in my opinion quite good films.

I was kinda surprised to learn that she's actually dead when i checked up on her info. Obviously i didn't follow the news properly during 2005 or it wasn't prominent enough on our papers. That was my STPM year anyway. I'm so sad now. Why did she commit suicide? It would be so nice if she had lived and continued making films.

Rest in peace Eun Ju.

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