Monday, November 17, 2008

Strange panicking

It's Monday and i have classes from 8.30 to 10am. That's all for the day. Pathetic isn't it? Actually what i am going to tell has got something to do with the day before.

Sunday, i reach PJ at around 9.15pm after journey-ing from Melaka. First thing i did is online, i din online for 2 days while in mlk. I found out that my kaki gamer wasn't online. So i guess they must be out gaming. So i went to blitz and proEx to find them lo. I arrived late so i played around 1 hr like that and went to makan at Murni. Then went back to continue gaming. Then another friend of mine who was at proEx who just came out as i was about to enter told me he lost his wallet. Kesian weii..He alwiz nvr bring much cash with him 1..but yest he brought around RM100 and he lost it ! So another friend and I teman him go make police report at Uptown lo. After that to console him, we went Murni makan again.

Wtf !! I went there twice in a space of like 3 hours? Minum and makan till so full i hardly can move. Bcoz i drank 2 cups of teh ais medium. I cant sleep for the night. The first cup i ordered 1..the second was a mistake but i took it also so as not to trouble my waiter-friend. I ended up sleepless throughout the night.

Went to class at 8.30. I decided to walk instead of drive. After class finish, i was starting to get sleepy. The moment i reach my room and lie down. Terus tido weii. Tido till 4 sumthing. When i woke up, i have this strange panicky feeling that i'm late for class! FYI, i have no class already on monday.

The reason for that strange panicky feeling was because i thought that it was Tuesday already and i had slept from Monday morning till Tuesday noon. I thought i had missed the Chinese class again !! So dead la..i might be barred i thought. I start to dread and think of solutions. Then i on my laptop and see the date.

What the hell it was 4pm Monday only ler. I felt as if i had slept for so long and so comfortably that it was Tuesday already.

Crazy kan? Lolz. Actually i wrote this as a relief escape from reading the Malaysian Lit novels. Sengsara. Not nice at all.

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