Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blardy announcement

Today was supposed to attend a meeting to listen to Dean's announcement. My tutorial group was late bcoz Prof Chan kept interrupting and probing Shan and me during our presentation. Frustrating la. How she can understand the whole study without even reading it. I seriously can't understand it. Took me few days to analyze it.

Back to the announcement. The moment i stepped into the meeting room, i already heard commotions. The people start to pass the info around that a few courses in PC block have to move to PD block this May. My first reaction was Wat The Fuck! Why? I don't want to move.

The reason was bcoz the lease contract for PG block is already up. That is not our problem right? We come to the university and the university's job is to provide place for us to study. They can't kick us around like ball. PD is fucking far. I'm super pissed about this.

Dear beloved Dean, if u happen to read my blog. My official feelings about this is that i am supremely unhappy and pissed. It's a logistical problem to get to PD. Spend more money d lor now. WTF lah.

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