Saturday, October 24, 2009

already gone

Ryan Tedder (lead singer of One Republic) wrote both Beyonce's Halo and Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone. i can detect elements of OneRepublic's music in both songs. people have also been saying that both songs are similiar. i wouldn't totally agree to that though. the similiarities are not too many and quite subtle. i prefer Already Gone anytime over Halo. there were rumours in the music industry that says kelly was upset that her song is being compared to Halo. in my opinion she has nothing to worry about. her song is beautiful and won't pale in comparison. i would say that Already Gone is Kelly's best song up to now. just fantastic. it is already added to my all-time favourite list of songs. i don't know why i like heartbreak songs. lolx.

btw, kelly is gorgeous in the music video. i love the part where she is reclining on the sofa wearing the satin i also like the part where there are no male models in the MV. leaves the singer and listener connection pure.

Already Gone have my vote for the Grammys.

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