Monday, February 11, 2008

Bleeding Love

A new star is born. Simon Cowell said she's the toughest contestant in Idol history. i think she's fabulous. Her name is Leona Lewis. I'm falling head over heels for her song Bleeding Love. The UK version video is fantastic. she looks oohh so hot in it. step aside beyonce. here comes leona lewis.

Lewis won the X-Factor reality show which is the equivalent of the US' American Idol. I think she's the best ever Idol. Yes, even better than kelly clarkson and carrie underwood.

Lewis was born in the London district of Islington to parents Aural Josiah, a Guyanese Afro-Caribbean youth worker, and Marie Lewis, a social worker of Anglo-Welsh descent. She is also of Italian and Irish descent on her mother's side.

Her music influences are Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston among others. Coincidentally those are also my all time favourites. Lewis' music genre is the type that i like bcoz it is also the type that Mariah,Celine and Whitney sings. The music industry really needed another singer like her to fill the void that Mariah, Celine and Whitney left when they toned down their careers.

Judge for urself.

you can view the music video for her chart topping single Bleeding Love at:

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