Thursday, February 14, 2008

crazy day

today i had a quiz for psycholinguistics. crazy lah. spent the whole of last night studying coz during cny break din do any revising or touch ups. come back my mind straight empty.

in the beginning i thought that the quiz oni cover till lecture 4 mana tau i mixed it up d. actually it is till week 4 which means till lecture 7! i went crazy trying to catch up on wasted time.

the next morning, spent alot of time doing revising. din concentrate in moral class and went out for quite sometime from academic writing class to print notes.

went for lunch and revised while eating. after all those revising, i still dont understand anything! its so much words. the more i read, the more blur i become.

then it was time for the quiz. the class tried to get dr toshiko to postpone the quiz coz everyone not ready. she refused. so the quiz went on. i felt like it was stpm pure maths all over again.

i seriously dont know how to answer. none of the question i can answer 100%.

die d lah this time. next week got morphology and syntax quiz. sei lo..another killer subject.

so fucked up this sem. duno can keep my cgpa up or not..

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