Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stinging night

Last night went over to Tony's house with the bunch of fellas to watch tv. i managed to squeeze in a session of badminton when i was there too. Started off badly and keep it that way for almost the whole session. Don't know whether if its because i'm rusty from lack of practice or freezing bcoz of anxiety or bcoz of infamiliarity with surroundings and the people. Stroke play still ok but my net shots are horrendous. I've nvr missed shuttles so badly b4. Haih~ Obviously i need to play more to get back my touch around the net. i can accept losses in many things but not in sports. Yeah, i'm saying that i kiasu abit in sports. i hate to lose!

Went to mamak after that. Was so hungry that i managed to wolf down RM7.70 worth of food. Lepak around for quite sometime at the mamak and was back at tony's home b4 12 midnite. The others were playin boardgames when we entered. i quickly snatched the remote control and switched to ESPN in time to catch sportscentre asia. Managed to get myself updated with things happenin in the sports world for the past day. I miss home and my tv set. i wish i have a tv and astro here with me. i miss my daily drama, sports and serials tv sesssion !!

At 12.30am, went to bath and prepare for the coming session of US Open golf and Euro 2008 action. Oh ya i managed to complete my Mass Media & Society chapter reading report while watching Tiger Woods in motion on his way to his 14th major.

The others all went to sleep at around 2am. All of them can't tahan d. I almost dozed of too while watching Germany vs Austria. So boring lah. Germany were lucky Michael Ballack rescued them with that spectacular missile of a free kick. Could not stand it anymore, so i switched channel and watch Tiger slugging it out with Rocco Mediate. I know many ppl will lambast me for impling that golf is more interesting than football. I will admit that football is more exciting but there are times when you get dour matches. Germany vs Austria was one of them. Golf is interesting when Tiger is in the hunt for major titles. You'll nvr understand the excitement and pleasure when Tiger performs his magical stuff on the course if you don't know how to appreciate the game. We should count ourselves lucky to have witnessed sporting legends in action during our time. Ppl like Tiger, Roger Federer, Michael Schumacher and I dare say Kobe Bryant are once in a lifetime athletes that do amazing things in their respective sports.

Tiger hoisted the trophy at around 4.30am local time. I switched everything off at around that time to sleep and my torture started right after that. I forgot to mention this but yeah i'm sleeping on the sofa in the living room. Damn lah. Mosquitoes all over. I only have 5 hours plus of time to sleep but the mosquitoes kept me drifting in and out of slumber. Could not manage to get a good rest at all. Dah la exhausted from the badminton session and now can't sleep pula. It started to get light at around 6.45 like that. I think mich already awake around that time. I was starting to drift into sleep when she came into the living room. Mosquitoes were starting to disappear as the sun shines brighter. I tried again to sleep but by then Shan also woke up d and terganggu my sleep. Haih. i cukup kesian lah.

At last i managed to get some proper rest from around 8 to 8.50am. I wanted to sleep more one but was awakened by Mich's shoving to remind me that it is almost 9 and we had to start our journey back to PJ. Terpaksa wake up and freshen myself and drive back. Sienz lah. Tony's still in his sleep mode when i woke him to let us out of his house. Was constantly grumbling that he needs more sleep. He should appreciate that he got more sleep than me leh ! i terpaksa suffer countless mosquito bites in the living room.

We got to experience the traffic jam of Klang in the morning for the first time of our lives on our way home. Decided to use NKVE instead of Federal Highway as we dont have much time to waste getting stuck in traffic. Fuel consumption also teruk if get stuck in traffic. Money flying away ler. Something stupid happened just b4 the first toll on NKVE. As i was approaching, i wound down my windows to get in contact with the Touch and Go device. I was using mich's maybank zinkard that time. I din know that the wind was so strong. The gust blew away the card from my fingers. So kan cheong d that time. Quickly use another card to pass the toll first and stop at the side to go retrieve the Zinkard that is lying in the middle of a highway !
Mich found the location of the card first and she went to pick it up. She so damn brave lah. I am the one supposed to go get the card 1 but i couldn't see where it is. As soon as she spotted it, she went to the middle of the highway to get it. My god. Tak sempat i offer to go she went d. Was kicking myself that time for lettin the gust of wind blow the card away from my fingers. What a stupid incident. Was glad ntg more happened all the way back. Got speed abit, hopefully no speedtraps around the place i sped. If not sure kena lecture from parents again.

I reached home at around 9.45 after dropping off the 3 of them. Washed up and prepare for class. Went to campus at around 10.15 like that. I had to go early coz i need to print my report and do some stuff la. Wanted to get theSun newspaper too but none of my coursemates were around yet that time. So i asked Peiling to get one for me. Luckily there are many copies left although its 10am plus d. Usually by this time, all the papers gone d. Peiling, thank you so much. You're the best, muacks. haha.

First class was mass media tutorial. ntg much happened and i was still fresh that time. so i din doze off. Angie's tutorial followed. I was starting to feel the effect of not having enough sleep by that time. Managed to tahan until class finish. Went to eat at mamak with Shan to fill my super hungry and croaking stomach. Lolz. The following class was Language Learning lecture. I seriously could not tahan anymore. Constantly dozing off by that time. She even manage to tick me off for dozing off. Luckily i managed to open my eyes the moment she finished her sentence. No one realized she was ticking me off. Haha. Then i saw a few others starting to get drowsy after that. I continue to suffer for the whole lecture. Tried my best to stay awake d but still failed. Ms. Angie, i'm so sorry for dozing off in your class yah. Paiseh. I'm very tired ler today.

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