Thursday, June 19, 2008

Breathtaking view

My fren took this photo from the window of his plane. It is a bird's eye view of Dubai. What a wonder it is. Buildings jutting out from the desert. They even have a golf course. Notice the greenish area? that's the golf course.

Then there is the world famous Palm Island. An engineering and architectural marvel. Just look at how the city's development was planned. It is farsighted and visionary. I wish to go there one day and have a look at this beautiful place. The freeways are so huge and well planned. Not like the ones we have in malaysia. Sigh. Seeing it in a picture or with own eyes is so much better than seeing it in tv. In tv there no sense of realness. Can't really grasp the beauty of it..however, this picture is just perfect.

Below is the picture of Dubai's airport...That counter u see is a gold selling counter. The whole place is so beautiful. Gosh..