Monday, July 7, 2008


Went to Protes Sejuta Rakyat Turun yesterday. The afternoon session's highlight was Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's speech. After that it was pretty uneventful till the evening session. A ruckus broke out. Water bottles, rocks and bricks were being thrown. I was there, at the side of the stage when it happened. Crazy lar. Flying missiles coming from everywhere.

The whole thing started because some punk rock group were performing some rude acts on stage while singing a song with bad words. They performed 3 songs. I loathed them the moment they stepped on stage. The first and second songs built up the emotions of the people and the final song did it for the crowd. That idiot vocalist flashed his bum several times and was singing "Jilat" to the crowd made up of mostly Muslims. They got offended and started to boo and scold the band. When the band continued, missiles started flying. The band was escorted away so quickly that i couldn't even locate them although i was right in the midst of the action. Luckily a PAS MP, Dr Lolo Ghazali was there to calm the crowd. Then Hishamuddin Rais, the person in charge of stage performances appeared to apologize to the angry crowd. The crowd was still not satisfied and were cursing and swearing at him as he was escorted out.

I personally don't agree to what the crowd resort to. Violence is not the way to show your disagreement but yet i understand how they feel. They are Muslims and when they are treated to so obscenity, they definitely get enraged of course. So many non-muslim malaysians were there too. Even they felt that the band went overboard. For me, i felt that the band was at fault because they provoked this reaction. Some would say that the crowd should just walk away if they don't agree with the performance but i would ask back the same to the band, if you know that many people couldn't not accept what you're doing why don't you perform somewhere else where people could accept your acts? Why must you perform in front of people who have opposite views to yours? You punks deserved this, padan muka.

Unluckily this ruckus caused some hurt to innocent people a well. The chairperson, a sweet young lady was hit by a bottle full of water flung by a guy who was standing near to me. After throwing the bottle, he could pretend that he didn't do anything. WTF! I stared at him and he stared back at me. I walked away then as i don't want to get into trouble as he is with the majority. Later tak pasal pasal i kena wack by a group of angry people pula.

All this happened just before the Magrib prayers. What a shame lah. Lucky the Dr Lolo and an Uztaz was there. They initiated the prayers and the crowd started to pray and everything went back to normal.

More and more people were streaming in to the stadium after the prayers. A few politicians took turns to speak while waiting for more people to turn up. Then YB Lim Kit Siang arrived to the cheers of many, he then addressed the crowd and in the middle of his speech, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim arrived. The whole stadium got animated and stood to greet the arrival of the 'guest of honor" in the words of YB Lim. When it came to Anwar's turn to speak, he was in his element. The crowd was in his control and they responded to every chants and questions of his. The multiracial crowd was in unity, in one voice to demand that the fuel prices go down.

I left at about 10.30pm, a few moments before Anwar finished his speech. I knew that the crowd will start to leave as soon as he finishes, so i leave a bit earlier to avoid the chaos. Luckily for me i left at that time. When i neared my car, i saw a whole contingent of traffic police officers were there to issue summonses to cars park along the road. They haven't reach the other side of the road which my car was parked at. I quickly left the scene as i don't want to get into any troubles with officers that were there on purpose. To spoil the day of the protesters. Boo to the police force.

Reached home in about 15 minutes as Federal was clear and smooth flowing. Sleep soundly after taking a bath as i was dead tired. I didn't get any rest at all as i was in the stadium from 3 till 10.30 running here and there.

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