Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Perdana Discourse Series

Today was the second time i was able to see and hear Tun Dr. Mahathir speak in person. Although he's 84 this year, his mind is still so sharp and his physical appearance is tip top. Though i disagree with many of his policies and deeds when he was the Prime Minister, he still demands my respect for his knowledge, his ability to answer questions from various sections of the floor with aplomb and most important of all he still retains his trademark sense of humour.

I was in attendance of the Perdana Discourse Series in which Mahathir was the keynote speaker on the topic : The Role Of The Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and Constitutional Monarchy In The Governing Of Malaysia. This is the 9th Discourse in the series.

The Perdana Discourse Series is a semi structured communication platform where a prominent presenter will speak to selected clusters of audience on a predetermined topic addressing its definition and tracing issues like policies, strategies and possible models used during the tenure of the past prime ministers, in addition to achievements accomplished throughout each of the four premierships. Discussions and issues arising from the discourse will be duly documented and mapped to form a tentative draft model of systematic connectivity incorporating strong elements vis-a-vis the issues addressed.

Getting to Putrajaya from PJ takes only around less than 20 mins now with the new Maju Expressway. The toll costs Rm 2.50 which is quite reasonable. Finding the Perdana Leadership Foundation building was kinda hard because it was our first time going there. Eventually we managed to find our way there. It was located far away from any other buildings in an idyllic location just by the lake with a beautiful backdrop of the Putrajaya main boulevard.

I will upload some pictures of this event sometime later. Now i don't really have the means and time to do it. Please do check back later.

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bea* said...

hello ,
i was there too ^_^
Tun Dr. Mahathir speech was great..i do admire him alot. and true how he answered the Qs and delivered the points in an easy and interesting way.

waiting for the pictures :)