Saturday, May 2, 2009


Lack of practice is taking its toll on me now. the 4 1/2 hour gaming session revealed alot of weaknesses and areas to work on. close-quarters combat is still okay, need a little patience and more directional sense. assault rifle aiming is totally out, need to refocus on that side of the game for now. sniping even worst. the target spotting is poor, relocation, positional shifts and choice of hiding spots were horrendous.

i wish i had more practice time but lately the gaming community is getting smaller. several reasons can be attributed to this.

1. economic recession
2. exam season, finals and thesis
3. shifts from tdm to s&d

hopefully this situation can change so that i can get back my practice. just imagine this, i used to practice 4-5 days a week but now it is usually 1 day/week or none at all sometimes. so sad.

really ENJOYED the session yesterday as it had been quite some time i had not been able to play competitively because of my studies and exams and thesis work.

really looking forward to finishing this last paper and go for a marathon gaming session again.

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