Monday, December 28, 2009


We finished runner up in the RAT. Lost to the hot favourites ReF. We met them twice. First it was quite early and they sent us to the loser's bracket with a humiliating score of 13-5 at the map Crash. We literally got our asses raped. We had no answer for their mid rushes.

So we have to make our way back to the grand finals from the loser's bracket. Team Kuku Gaming and Rx (formerly TeamAura) gave us a run for our money. Hats off to them. Not forgetting team FuDkoT which is basically team XIII Exiles who managed to get 8 or 9 games (cant remember exactly) off us at Backlot.

In the grand final. We meet ReF for the 2nd time in the tournament. They again vetoed Crossfire which is my best map. I chose to veto Crash for my team because of the nightmare we had earlier in the tournament. The map chosen by the organizers were District. We won the knife round and chose defense to start the game. At half time we were already trailing 7-5. The final score was 13-7. All credit to team ReF. They fully deserve this win. They've been training hard with all the strong teams for RAT. For my team which consisted of 2 ESP, 2 Coop and 1 freelance player. We only had 1 real practice session to get to know each others game.

So yeah, that's how it goes. Personally i was a bit upset with myself. Disappointed might be a better word. Lolx. I seriously could not do anything when Sapiyo rushed me at Crash the first time both our teams met early in the tournament. Then at District for not putting up a tougher fight and make ReF sweat for the victory.

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