Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ratu (no more)

Above is a picture of the Indonesian pop duo Ratu. It consists of Maia Estianty and Mulan Kwok(left). They were famous for the song Teman Tapi Mesra which was a hit. Too bad, this duo split in the year 2007. No more great songs to hear haih. Ignore the pic at the top. Bad photography. Mulan looks much prettier than this. Google her if u dun believe me. Below are other pictures of them.

The reason for the breakup was said to be because of a man. Why of all people must it be over a man? Why lah !
Maia and Mulan were said to be close. In fact VERY close - and even lesbian lovers. (rumoured lah)
So Maia’s husband, Ahmad Dhani, of Dewa19, gets jealous. Feeling guilty, Maia then suggests a threesome romp with Mulan. Maia later says to the press she was just joking but nobody really believes her.
But Ahmad Dhani doesn’t like jokes. And he sees an opportunity. He was said to have taken a tumble or two with Mulan. I don't know true or not la. I give Mulan the benefit of the doubt coz she's a nice person.
Another source said that the breakup was caused by disagreement between Maia and Dhani. The egoist and arrogant Dhani who was acting as the manager of Ratu said "Do things my way or there is no way". Maia wanted to do things her way and it resulted in the break up.
I hate you Ahmad Dhani. You caused the breakup of one of the hottest female duo in the music industry. Now i don't get great songs and nice chics to look at d. Damn you.
Maia was granted a divorced from Dhani by the courts and she also finally got custody of her 3 children.
Maia is now furthering her career by recruiting another hot chic, Mey Chan to be the vocalist to her band, Maia and friends. Mulan meanwhile is now a solo singer with the name Mulan Jameela. It was given by Ahmad Dhani.
Here is a link to the hit song Teman Tapi Mesra. They damn hot la in the video. oh ya, if u duno how to bezakan them right, the vocalist is Mulan. She pandai menggoda. Just watch and u will know wat i mean. The one who play keyboard and guitar is Maia. She's the cun 1. Multi-talented. She wrote the song Teman Tapi Mesra.
Actually both also i damn cun ler..but i prefer Maia.


ViViEnNe said...

hv no clue bout them bt they do look pretty....hehe...

KahJoon said...

bcoz u listen to 1 or 2 types of music oni ma..i listen to any kind 1..