Thursday, January 22, 2009


Yesterday was the day that i had to come face to face with my FYP supervisor's feedback on my chapter 2. I was prepared for the worst. She said she expected 15-20 pages from but i only submitted 12-13 pages including biblio.

When the moment arrived, the words that came out of her mouth afforded me a huge sigh of relief. She said i did quite good and i covered a lot of stuff. I was seriously surprised. I did my best but i still felt that it was insufficient. Luckily she said it's ok. We talked for about 1 1/2 hrs. Crazy la.

After we're done, the sky opened and poured crazily. I'm stuck at campus at around 6pm. What a time to get stuck. my plans rosak habis.

Went to Blitz to COD4. It's my stress relief mechanism. Got pwned by Nobie. Made me so frustrated and yet i realized that if i want to improve i have to bear with being pwned by pros. After that, KP stopped playin and gave me instructions on rushing and sneaking. Lolz. Did quite well after that but it was without Nobie and Goat around la. Only YuiLover there to offer resistance.

Thats it for today. This weekend going back for CNY. Won't be blogging until the week after. So see ya ppl and Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

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