Friday, July 10, 2009

ACC Grand Finals

Well today is THE day. The day that had been so eagerly awaited by the SEA cod4 community. The Asian Call of Duty Championship (ACC) Grand Finals is on. It will be a straight out battle between ESP.Gaming of Malaysia and JEDI DP from Singapore. Being a Malaysian and friends of the ESP players, i definitely wish for them to win.
(Image taken from ESPGL)
The 3rd & 4th placing match took place not long ago. it was between Cooperative Gaming Asia (Coop) from Indonesia and SWL from Malaysia. Coop emerged the winner in this battle as they beat out SWL 2-0. The first map Crash which was SWL's strength saw them lost out 13-10. The second map, Crossfire was taken by Coop 13-8.

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