Thursday, July 2, 2009


Woooohooo...had not had so much fun in a long long time already. I never regret going to game today. Pwning asses from the start, no warm up needed, it's been a long time coming man..the pent up aggression.

Was top fraggin for sometime when suddenly at the bottom left corner of the screen i saw "Susu has joined the game". I thought, i'm on a hot streak, doesn't matter 1 lah. In a blink of an eye, an ominous warning sign appeared. I was sniped by susu. Then the hot streak became a cold dying streak. I was like KNN WTF !!!

I have to admit, susu alwiz pwn my ass. no argument bout that, doesn't matter if i'm a hot streak or not. when he's playing, he pours cold water onto ppl's hot streaks. he's still the no1 in msia.

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