Saturday, August 29, 2009

Opportunity to learn

Yesterday in the middle of a scrim with esp.neMesis, quack from esp.Bz xfired me and asked me to play for his team in a scrim with XIII this saturday because they are short of players. i wanted to answer him immediately but did not have a chance as i was concentrating so hard on the scrim against neMesis.

i had to make him wait so long for my reply..truly felt bad for it. sorry quack.

anyway, i 'm so happy to be given a chance to play for his team, the no1 team in malaysia. it's an honor to play with them as it will allow me to learn so much stuff.

playing with the best smg player in quack gives me the chance to learn the tricks and secrets of close quarters combat. further more, with the best assault rifle player in Susu and the best sniper in Nobie covering my back, i feel so safe. it allows me more freedom to do more and not worry about being shot from behind.

this is really a golden opportunity. thank my lucky stars that quack actually thought of me when finding a replacement.

hopefully i can fit into their gameplan and follow all their strategy and commands. so nervous..hahaha

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