Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY and karaoke-ing

This CNY was kinda fun for me. I went visiting from the 2nd day till the 5th day. Terror kan? It a record for me coz all along i only went visiting on the 3rd day which was our usual day. But this year we had to improvise. Previous experience told us that a single day is not enough to cover all the houses that we wish to go, so we accomodate more days lo. Many friends also have to start working on the 3rr/4th day. We don't have the pleasure of choosing our time like in the past anymore.

I got to see many friends again this year. Really miss all of them a lot. We talked, gambled, drank, ate and gossipped all day. So fun la reliving the good old days. Oh ya, got to see Hoong after such a long time. I really2 missed you, you know not? I had fun spending half the day with you.

Also got to spend time with vin and neth. Kinda long nvr lepak with them d. Oh ya this year some of them visited my house. Most of the time tak jadi go my house 1 coz out of the way but this year jadi ohh..hahha. They untung la, go my house got double ang pow 1. Ish. Hahaha

On the 4th day, i reserved the whole day for my F6 buddies. We went to Dreambox karaoke. Had plenty of fun there. Met up with so many friends that i din get to keep in touch with since going separate ways after F6. Sadly, due to miscommunication quite many classmates din make it to Dreambox. For me, it was enough though coz the ppl that i really wanted to see mostly turned up.

Hopefully next year, we could do this again. Most of us will be working already by then. Hopefully la. I really love these kinda big gatherings. Always got new things to update 1. Hehe

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