Saturday, February 14, 2009

ESP vs RnF

The lag problem came back to haunt ESP in the first game at Vacant even though Holyboy played at home. The ping was around 300-400 and it was impossible for ESP to win the first game. They tried their best but it was in vain. ESP lost 13-5.

Then Susu went back to play at home leaving Quack, Pikachu and Nobie at ProEx. The ping got better when it was only 3 players at ProEx. The line was really bad especially during the night. Many ppl playin online games.

ESP owned the 2nd set at Crossfire winning by 13-4. Susu top scored here with 18 kills and 6 deaths.

The 3rd set was at District. This game proved to be a close 1. ESP was trailing 8-4 at some point fo the game before they came back strongly and won it 13-11.

Week2 ended with 1 win and 1 loss for ESP.Gaming. Looking forward to week 3.

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