Thursday, February 12, 2009

Asian Call of Duty 4 Championship

It's finally here. The Asian Call of Duty 4 Championship (ACC)is a platform where COD4 players from all over Asia can get together and pit their skills.

The ACC is sponsored by Fragnetics LLP ( Fragnetics provide 2 servers on which the gamers will play on.

There are other server hosts too besides Fragnetics like the JEDI Promod server, United XEF-CERT Promod Server, and the PXGL/CEBU Promod Server among many others.

Fragnetics is a leading Singapore game server provider that offers web hosting and web application development services.Over the years we have grown an enthusiastic community by hosting PC games such as Counterstrike, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and PlaneShift. We are Battlefield 2 and 2142 ranked server providers appointed by Electronic Arts, operators of Singapore's first Steam Content Server, and platform providers for tournaments such as the World Cyber Games (WCG) Asian Championship.We host and manage enthusiast websites such as the VR-Zone forums, customize and develop content management systems for top local schools, and also assist artists in cyberart exhibitions.

The ACC format is a league style format. 30 teams play against each other and the winner will be the one at the top of the table once every team have played each other. Winners of each match receives 2 points, draw 1 point and losers, 0 points.

The type of game which will be played in the ACC is Search and Destroy 5 vs 5, best of 3 games. If a team/clan wins 2 games in a row, there is no need to go into the 3rd game.

ACC Maps: [*]Strike[*]Backlot[*]Crash[*]District[*]Crossfire[*]Vacant

Malaysia's best clans like ESP, SWL and RnF and many more will be pitted against pro teams like JEDI and Bf.Nut from Singapore and many others from other Asian countries.

Country List:

-[JEDI] Mamba
-[JEDI] DonkeyPunch
-LoveMachine <3m

-[CERT] Team 1

-Aztig Allies
-Ux2 Team No One
-Ux2 Nameless


All the best to the teams taking part in the ACC and i will be rooting for ESP as i have friends in there.

Good work to the organizers as this is a great effort to boost the gaming community in Asia. And thanks to the sponsors as well as this cannot happen without your participation.

For more information, visit the forum for the ACC at


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