Friday, February 27, 2009

ACC Week 4

Week 3 saw intense action and controversies as well. NX got booted out for smurfing and ESP got 1 of its ace players suspended for 1 week. ESP lost their match to Indonesian team Coop and their second match against NX was nvr played bcoz of NX failure to agree to a time for a match.

Week 4 will see ESP without the services of Quack as he is suspended for this week. ESP will have to take on the Bf.Nut juggernaut that is still undefeated and then try to get the upper hand against their local rivals SWL a few hours later.

All this is happening on Friday, 27th February. The match against Bf.Nut will be starting at 5.30pm and the SWL match is at 8.30pm. The first match will be shoutcasted by arseynimz and DA. You can catch the shoutcast at gamestah.

I will be at proX to watch Malaysia's no.1 esp.susu anchoring his team without the presence of his most dependable teammate and sidekick esp.Quack.

Interesting. I think Bf.Nut will prevail although it will be a close match.

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