Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jobs jobs jobs

I'm now caught up in job hunting spree d. Preparing resume, looking for vacancies and trying to find strings to pull. Why i start all this even when i havent grad? haha this is actually what everybody does but keeps quiet about. when u wait to apply for jobs when u grad. its too late already. most employers will ask u during interview. why wait till now only apply? my friends all went thru this and they related it to me..so thankful

It damn fun ler. Few days ago, OCBC called me up and offered me a job as a management trainee. The programme only ends on 31 Dec. I still have plenty of time to take up the offer when i grad.

Today SIME Darby had a walkin interviu for their management trainee programme as well.i wanted to go for experience but decided not to because i had to finish up my fyp.what a waste lah. I heard from my friends that went, there were thousand of people there. SIME Darby weiihh...who don't want sial.

My mum called me to inform that Public Bank got management trainee programme as well. They offer 1.6K salary. For me, i would say no way. 1.6k is too little. My friend in RHB got 3k. Public Bank wanna bully ppl ni.

i wonder if Genting got this programme or not. Khazanah? Permodalan? Oh ya, my friend said British American Tobacco started their management trainee programme again. Woah BAT, elite company ler. Wanna try d.

Lolz. Lets hope for the best.


Melvin said...

3k in RHB? where is it? in pj or melaka?

KahJoon said...

based in RHB HQ in KL..all you need to do is learn..they pay 3k for u to learn their stuff..but got exams 1 la..must be 80 marks above every exam. if i not mistaken, requirement for that job is minimum cgpa 3.0...below they tak layan.