Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New friend met

Yesterday, spent the whole day showing my friend around PJ. He came up for a job interview.

Later, we went to midvalley to meet up with his friend. We ate at Chillies. Freaking expensive lah. However, it was worth it because i got to know a new friend.

Her name was Chrystal. She's got a hot body and pretty face and had the added bonus of height. Hehe. Damn untung ler yesterday.

She's gonna start working in E&Y next month. She's damn lucky that she got a good job in such a bad economic situation.

Today, went to 1U to watch State of Play. During the movie, Kelvin msged me asking me to meet up with him and Lee Fuan at midvalley. So i decided to ask mohan and kepang along la since we're all classmates in F6.

This time we ate at Kim Gary. At least the price is more reasonable than Chillies.

It is kinda crazy though thinking about how much i spend for food this past week. Forked out around 30 bucks when i went back to meet up with frens at Bamboo Hut. Then this 2 midvalley dinners cost me around 50 bucks. Argh..80 bucks on 3 dinners. That's outrageous. Gotta save already.

That's all for this time. Will write again soon.

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