Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today KK came up again for interviu with another fren..haha. lucky i and him ate at S17 first. after that picked up his fren and headed towards sunway looking for ah li. actually planned to watch movie 1 but today's new movie like not nice oni, so scrapped that and visit ah li instead.

then kk's fren hungry coz haven't eat..go sunway find food and decided on wongkok. drink yin yong this time. didn't eat. if eat this time sure broke for whole month d. kena take advance from next month's expenditure.

must discipline myself..cannot eat at expensive eateries for this month d..cannot spend so much liao..belum kerja dah spend mcm ni..bila kerja mcm mana? no savings ah..die lo this if this kinda lifestyle.

also passed by coco banana. looks cool and comfy..wan go lah..but if go kena spend $$ samore..argh..i wish i have unlimited spending money.

*slaps myself. don't dream ler..fyp belum kau tim wanna think so far d..

at nite, F6 frens again asked me out..this time we went to Piccadilly at Millenium Square there. lee fuan wanted to bring yan chin around but she said lazy wan drive, aku juga yang kena coz kepang too tired to drive. ate the bbq chicken chop..sedap sial, less than 10 bucks lah this time hehe. the place is nice and got lotsa ppl there. the only thing that put me off was the smell from the big drain in front of MS. stupid la. other than that it was a nice dinner.

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Carmen N said...

Woi... bila nak antar fyp ni?? Sampai cikgu kena surf blog ko untuk dapat tau apa yang you tengah sibuk buat...