Saturday, April 5, 2008

All time Classics

LiteFM's top500 songs countdown just concluded a few hours ago. this past week had been one of my happiest ever. I nvr felt this way for a long long time already. so carefree, so happy, so satiated. i'm actually lost for words describing my emotions d.

its nice to have these songs accompany me in the toughest moments this semester. they really helped me pull through. thank you ppl out there who voted for all these songs. i'm glad to know that there are many out there who still know how to enjoy this kinda music. youths today that profess they love music but label these songs "uncool" are so abundant out there. its so ironic for them to say they love music when what they like is just a few genres. learn to accept all music genres for what they are lah.

Thank you a million times to LiteFM for coming up with the idea of doing a countdown. all those songs really brought me back in time. back to my younger days when it was peaceful and stress-less. the songs also help me pull through this hard period during the semester. its a source of inspiration and support to me.

i would like to suggest that LiteFM compile all these songs in a CD or DVD. i give my word that i will be one of the first to snap the discs of the sales rack. i wont be alone thou coz i know there are alot of ppl out there who truly love music.

these are music that do not fade with time, they only get better and better with time. they are my companion thru times of hardship and challenge. they light my life. they give meaning to my otherwise meaningless life.

i'm in bliss~~~

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