Friday, April 11, 2008

Sleepless Night

When i'm writing this piece, i have not been getting sleep at all for the past 24 hours. This is kinda ridiculous bcoz this is the final week of studies. Why are we still not getting enough sleep?
One, Dr Toshiko gave us a quiz although its the final week. Does it make sense? We already have more done so much coursework that it could make up the 40%. Why do we need to do another quiz?

The next day is the deadline for Journalism Assignment. We have to do a four page newspaper. My group consist of Sue Sin, Shan, Michelle and myself. I actually started writing the news since Sunday but i still cant finish up four pieces by Wednesday. So i have to abandon JR awhile to concentrate on Psycholinguistics. The moment we finish Psycholingui, attention was turned straight to JR. many groups have already printed their newspapers. I think only 3 groups haven't really done anything concrete by thursday. My group is one of them.

I managed to get all my articles done by evening on Thursday. I also edited shan's four pieces of news. Damn, it was tough. Although i edited, i still missed out so many minor things that need to be looked at. After i pesan Sue Sin to finish up his work, i then went over to Mich place to compile our news and get to her cuz's place. We need her cuz's help coz none in my group know how to use the software that is needed to newspaper. We reached her place at around 10 after i went to get all the pictures ready.

Mich's cousin used Adobe InDesign CS2 software to do the layout. Gosh, i have no idea at all how to operate that software. According to her, the software is good for doing newspaper layout coz the features allow easy adjusting. Thanks to her, our front page is super fantastic. The newspaper as a whole also very impressive. If we don't get highest in class, i sure "mm song" 1 lor.

Mich and me did not sleep at all as we had to get the newspaper done. Doing the layout was a very rigorous job. We started from 10pm and we did not stop doing the layout until 7.30am the next day. Gosh, i've nvr spent nights without sleep for studies before in my life. The most also i'll grab a 1-2 hour nap to recharge. But this time, went all out without sleep. Fuhh. Actually, i think we did not waste our time lo. The end result was IMPRESSIVE. Our "baby" is finally delivered to the world. Spent so much effort on it lah.

When it came out from the printing machine. All four of us were like, "oh, cun!!" Haha. The shop oni charge us RM9.60 for that. So much colour lah, but the price still reasonable. The person who did the cutting and connecting the pages was so PRO lah. Very efficient and skilled. I turned my head for a few seconds oni, he already done sticking the pages together d.

I noticed one crucial thing that happens when one doesn't sleep when one is supposed to. One will get hungry, i mean very hungry even though one doesn't do anything except use brain power. That was what happened to me when i stayed up and do the newspaper. Usually when i wake up, i dont feel as hungry as i felt when i didn't sleep. Really desperate for some food. Went to eat after settling everything at around noon. By taht time i was super hungry d. I ordered a plate of mee (big one). When it came, it looked like it's for 3 person. Anyway, i managed to wolf it down. Haha. I also noticed that i've been losing weight lately. I stepped on a weighing scale in mich's room and to my shock i discovered that i'm just 49kg now. WTF !! I got eat leh. Why like that 1? Eat alot of pork samore. So this is my advice, if you plan to stay up to do work, make sure that you have food on standby. You are sure to get very hungry 1 even though you only will use your brainpower.Haha

Finally !!

I want to thank everyone that helped in the process of doing this newspaper. First and foremost, Michelle who spent so much time in doing this with me and the other members Sue Sin and Shan. Thank you. Then michelle's cousin who spent her night without sleep bcoz of us. She contributed so much lah in helping us do the layout. If can i want to put her name as our chief subeditor but too bad cannot coz it's not allowed. Then i want to thank the other coursemates who were doing this assignment as well for all their help and encouragement. All of us spent our nights without sleep. Hahaha. Thanks a million everyone..I love all of you !! Haha

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ViViEnNe said...

ya...i aso felt hungry tat day when i oni slept at 5am,then rush 2 printing n psycho by 8plus,oni slept 3 hrs or so..til i can eat 2 packet of maggi(which is....vy vy big portion 4 me la)then same like u,i wanted 2 kill myself when i edited n PRINTED bt again see alot of flaws,bt its done,so i concentrated on psycho,n i stil 4get d points...==''hw m i gonna memorise human names larrr!!!!!!