Saturday, April 5, 2008

Semester Over?

Next week will be the last week of studies for us. Y2S1 is coming to an end. 14 weeks gone just like that. time really flies. next week will also be our last class with beloved Dr Carmen.

I really can't imagine her not teaching us anymore. I will miss all those arguments and discussions that we engage in. The long long comments in my writing will also be conspicuosly absent. She won't be there to add value to my writing anymore. Sighz.

So sad to know that our semester is coming to an end. Finals will be right after study week. damn. Exams again !!

Next semester should be lighter than this. It should also be the last semester that dear carmen will be lecturing in UTAR. She doesn't want to go to Kampar, so she have to leave the organisation. hopefully she gets a job at her favoured place, UM. then we could often meet up d coz UTAR and UM is like 5 mins drive away.

I'm considering of either doing my post grad studies in UM or abroad. If i'm in UM, then great lah. One of my favourite human rights fighter is there, Azmi Sharom. If Dr Carmen is there too, then it would be perfect.

Holidays after exam. Going to Pulau Perhentian if all goes according to plan. After that, it's another trip up to Genting. Casino and theme park galore again. Haha.

I don't want to be in my chaotic home looking at the nonsensical and temperamental brother of mine. study week will be spent on outings with buddies and pool. I really miss the feeling of knocking balls with que stick.

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