Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Manners

What a stupid day it turned out to be for me today. After AW, we had psycholinguistic tutorial. i joined T1 bcoz i want to skip morphology_syntax tutorial later. toshiko being the straight and unbending person that she is got upset with me bcoz i joined T1. she said thats my problem if i wan to go back. i can't join T1. i was just about to pack and walk out when she secara "bosongnye" pass the T2 attendance for me to sign. damn la. i know its my fault but then can't u be nicer. few minutes later she scolded me for talking with anthony. that's stupid lah. i was discussing with him about the timetable issue. she had not even started her class. everyone talking also. she purposely aim me. so pissed damn pissed lah. feel like walking out of her class oni. damn la..dun wan talk about that d. naik darah aje.

later after we finished her class. tony, sharwin, sue sin and me went to KFC. very long nvr makan d. samore its the start of the new month. so i can splurge abit. when i parked my car. a super annoying thing happened. this malay fella in a kancil parked beside my car opened his door without caring whether there's anything nearby or not. he knocked into my car with his door with quite a loud thud. i went down and told him to be more careful and look next time. And you know what? he din even apologized or say sumthing nice. he just looked at me with his "bosong" facial expression and pulled his door back abit. I was super pissed d that time. then he walked off towards KFC and in the process jeling at me and mumble something with a very dissatisfied facial expression. that about did it for me. i so wanted to shout at him "eh, kalau berani cakap depan depan la, jng bisik bisik mcm pengecut!" The only thing that stopped me was another car passing by at that exact time at the drive thru area.

that malay guy wore a UM lanyard, which means he most probably is a UM student la. what has happened to the youth today la. no manners at all. wrong edi still wan to berlagak. i drove my car away and parked sumwhere else. i worry that later he might bang harder when he goes off. don't want to take the risk. Just spoiled my mood and my day oni. Went in to KFC after i parked sumwhere else. Tembung that stupid budak again and he jeling at me again. wtf lah, if wan to fight so much say so oni la. ARGH!!