Sunday, April 27, 2008

Red Cliff

I saw the trailer for Red Cliff yesterday. My goodness, it was beyond words. Dream come true. All these while i can only image the scenes from reading the novels, now its in motion picture. Yes yes yes !!

Red Cliff is a Chinese epic film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs during the famous Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China. Those of you who reads the novel might know it as Battle of Chi Bi. The film is the most expensive Asian production up to date and its being directed by John Woo.

The star studded cast already got my heart pumping rapidly. There are so many hot actresses lined up in the movie. Among them are Zhao Wei, Lin Chi-ling, Zhang Jingchu, and the japanese Koyuki (u've seen her in the Last Samurai). Ah, what a feast. Whoohoo..

My favourite character in the epic Zhou Yu is being played by Tony Leung. Yippe.

I can't wait to watch it already ler..Quickly premiere lah. My most awaited film of the year.

I also wan to watch IronMan. Why? Bcoz there are alot of supercars in the show. I saw Ford GT and Saleen S7 among the many cars. Cant wait cant wait...ish ish

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