Sunday, April 5, 2009

Celeb late nite snack

Just got back from SS2 McD. woah, i was sitting just 2 feet beside AdamC and i didn't know it! Damn..i hope i din say anything embarrassing lah coz i was crapping nuts with my frens.. lolz.

When i went to get a seat, i noticed 3 guys next to our table and i knew that there was one quite good looking guy sitting next to my seat but i din pay much attention lah coz i dont really go and look out for celebs. i might be sitting beside some super famous celeb and know ntg about it coz i'm that blur lolz. my friends and i proceeded to chat lah about stupid stuff..i remember we talked about death. coz my friend had a friend who only had 3 more years to live. he asked me, what would you do if you had 3 years left..i crapped out something stupid ler, hopefully adamC din heard what i say. haha.

when he got up to leave, i noticed that he was carrying a blackberry. i was starting to suspect something already. after he went out the door, my friend tapped me and say "eh eh! u noe or not just now adamC sitting beside u oni." and he laughed like crazy upon seeing my reaction.

babi betul la. should have noticed buat malu d lah..knn

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