Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Directional chaos

Oh my goodness, the roads in Melaka changed so much already. I feel like i'm outstation now when i go to downtown.

Because i was so free, i took my time turning around the city centre and familiarize myself with the roads again. it feels so wide and smooth now, but i haven't try the weekend nite traffic yet so i can't make a judgment now.

being back at home feels so nice. being among the trees and in nature is so refreshing compared to the stifling heat and suffocating air of PJ. enjoyed the sound of birds chirping and dogs barking. feels so nice~

friday gotta go back to PJ already coz the next day got Research Methodology paper. damn it, why cant the paper be on other day? why must it be in my study week. fuck utar.

neways, being back at home makes me get bored easily because i've no internet. i turn to tv most to fill my time. and i miss my frens alot. the gaming and the mamak sessions. awh~

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