Saturday, April 18, 2009

What the fuck !

I'm so not impressed at all with something so cheap. i'm really shocked to even hear sumone who speaks for justice support something this cheap.

i have no problem whatsoever in you all being allowed to do the paper again. But asking for the paper where you all went wrong is like having an answer key in doing the assignment again. that is a travesty to justice. where is the fairness in that?

all the minor mistakes could be zeroed in and corrected. the resulting 2nd try paper would be almost perfect. is that fair to ppl who did the paper only once?

if i were in this position, i won't even contemplate something so dishonorable. given the chance to do the assignment again is good enough! why ask for the marked script?

take for example exams, when sumone fails and take the supplementary paper, the said person can only get a maximum grade of 2.0. they don't get to be graded like the first exam. that is what i call fairness.

this whole thing is fucking ridiculous..

i don't care if it involves friends or not.. professionalism means putting aside feelings.

as long as i feel something is against my conscience i will speak up.

but if the lecturer is setting a maximum mark point of lets say 5, i'm cool with this whole thing. i got no problem at all.

if you disagree with me, come let's speak with the dean, we'll see how it turns up.

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