Sunday, April 26, 2009

So many things to do, so little time

Suddenly i feel this urge to do all the things that i love as if the world's gonna end at dawn. What's wrong with me lah. Mood swings every now and then. Skejap melancholic, skejap emo, skejap happy, kejap sad. It feels like a roller coaster ride. Talking bout roller coaster, i wan to go Genting again!

i wan to play all the adrenaline charged rides.i wan to gamble. i wan to feel the cold breeze in my face again. i miss the times when i was in genting for 1 month. everyday at dawn and dusk, i'll sit at a spot where i could look down to Kuala Lumpur and day dream. Hahaha.

its been a long long time since i last played sports. body's reaction time getting slower. lembap d. can't accept that!

Who cares about exam lah! I wan to enjoy life as much as possible. And to those who keeps backstabbing me. Aku tabik sama kau orang la. Depan semua orang berlagak baik. Belakang gua kutuk gile babi. If got guts cakap terang-terang berdepan lah. Kalo nak gaduh no hal, mari lah. Don't just talk lah, actions speak louder than words.

Argh feels so good venting it all out. Fuhh. I'll lead my life the way i like it. why should i be dictated on how i should live my life.

p/s: had a good time laughin wit you guys today though there were distractions that proved so costly that the filipinos got a few rounds. they are good to look at but are a source of distraction, still we want to look. lolz

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