Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Why la why are ppl who are acting so immaturely always come together in two and threes and nvr alone? i guess the saying 'birds of the same feather flock together' is true then. So sad lah..already an adult but still acting like kiddos playing the games kiddos do. I can only sigh and hope these ppl grow up someday.

Losing gracefully and accepting the facts of life is surely one of the hardest things to do. i have to admit that sometimes i still get upset when i lose but not to extreme measures. lately, i've seen examples of sour grapes aplenty that go to extreme measures. u really have to tip ur hat to them if you can see how low these ppl can stoop to. when i reflect on it..i sometimes laugh to myself realizing how childish they are..rofl.

let me put it in a story lah. once upon a time, there's this boy who wants this something so badly but all he does is just look at it from afar. when someone comes along and took this something away, the boy got angry. Then a wise old man who happened to passby asks the boy 1 simple question. Why were you so angry when someone took the thing you want when it was you who did not want to take it in the first place? i'll let you figure out the moral of the story.

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