Friday, September 18, 2009

Freedom at last?

Is this it? Is this what i have been waiting since 3 years ago when i stepped foot to PJ? i don't know yet for sure till results are out but officially now..i am free. i can do whatever i want. no classes, no assignments, no exams, no more headaches!

Yesterday was the last paper which was professional writing. After that paper, we went to watch Gamer which was quite nice but many cuts already compared to the first screening. Fuck malaysian censorship board.

after movie, we went to puchong for our late lunch. had steamboat. the malak soup fuckin hot. regret i chose that. should have went for tom yam soup.

after that we went to look out point. in a convoy weii..syoknye. we reach quite late around 10. but it was so nice. the weather was so cooling. the mist and the breeeze and the fresh

Had alot of fun. thx peeps. it hasn't really sunk in that this is our last outing. we wont meet each other already until around convocation. i know i will be sad soon.

in a few hours, there's the promod tour for me to win. must get some rest now so that i can be in top condition. i got no excuses this time if i don't win. i will consider it a failure.

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