Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nerd rage

Today, we had a scrim with rF. The scrim wasn't perfect because the line in blitz was giving us ping spikes. we played 3 maps: crash, strike and crossfire. the first 2 maps were ok but during the 3rd map one of our guys went crazy and erupted like a volcano. we gamers called it a nerd rage. he just slammed the table, threw his mouse away and walked out. the mouse flew across my face and landed near my friend. i was like "WTF! is going on". It was just the lag. i don't know why he was so upset about it. cope with it man.

in my opinion, ppl like this should not get involved in serious gaming. if you want to call urself a gamer, you must be able to endure being pwned, humiliated, scolded and taunted. if you can't do that then dont play! get lost and play at home.

it's all a learning curve. come on ! kiasu also no need until like this. put the kiasu-ness to good use and improve.


ViViEnNe said...

ya lo ya lo.....luckily my bf still got abit perserverance...=.=

Melvin said...

== tak habis habis