Sunday, September 27, 2009


i-16 was damn fun but tiring as well. we were drawn against esp#paNIK in the first round. It was double elimination. So one map was played only. the winners of the knife round got to choose the side. the organizers chose the maps for us. esp won the knife round and the map was district. we lost 13-7. good try though. We're not really that disappointed as i have seen improvement in my team. furthermore we were up against the eventual champs and msia's no1 team. so no regrets. we were then dropped into the losers bracket where we faced pendulum_revive. The map was strike. we drew 12-12 on mr12. on mr3 we lost 4-1. abit sad though for this one as the win was there for the taking. too bad we couldn't keep our composure at the vital moments. anyway gg guys. let's improve more. we'll give esp a better fight next time.

in terms of personal achievements, i felt that today i performed quite well. however, i'm still no match for quacks super fast reflexes. when he took over the smg. i was in deep trouble whenever i met him. just couldn't out reflex him. just too fast and too good. even when he had sniper, his deagle still pwned me. sigh. need to really buck up. against pendulum, basically i had no problems individual wise. team work wise. we need to improve.

Below is a picture of my team with SWL.aBuse at i-16.

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