Saturday, September 19, 2009

Promod Tour

It was a successful event. Had so much fun. However the end was kinda frustrating for me. I was deprived of an official runner-up spot by Eric's butt. He caused Rojak's PC to restart which meant all records for my server were gone. So i had to "o-jus" with another player to see who got 2nd prize. WTF fair man..anyway that guy was steady la..b4 we "o-jus" we agreed that we should split the money gained from the prize after selling it. But money isn't my concern..i wan the recognition..if i'm not mistaken i had 400+ points lor..clearly a runner-up spot. sighz.

the champion was KePang as i expected. he had no challenge. no one's skill level is anywhere near him. furthermore i was in different server than him. if i had been his opponent, i might be able to do something about his "IMBA" score of 500+.

i might wan to join again tml if D&G gives me the green light. i wan go sapu the DeathAdder. Wahaha.

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