Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's 2.41 am now. so it was yesterday that we went to 1u to watch final destination. it was at 11..but i had to wake up way b4 that to pay my room's rental to the new house leader. he sux. says he will be there at 8am but i see no sign of him. waste my sleeping time.

went to movie and he called me again as the movie was finishing. i had to rush back to section17 from 1u to pass him the rental. when i reached home, he wasn't around. i am super pissed by now. ask me to come back and he not around. made me go around looking for him. fuk u lah.

final destination 4 sucks. it was so unreal that i was laughing and saying "wtf" all the way. directors and producer, you guys did a good job of losing the fan base frm final destinations 1,2,3.

then went to blitz. din play today. just watch. dont feel like it. after that went to steven's corner for supper. argh super tired but had great fun today.

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