Monday, March 31, 2008

Bak Kut Teh in Klang

Yesterday was anthony's birthday. so today we went to klang to eat bak kut teh. he belanja us 1. the bunch of us (carmen, amy, jiau chee, shan, ian, sue sin and me) left PJ for klang at around 9. yee von and mich was supposed to join us but both of them fell ill and couldn't make it. yee von's the most pitiful 1. she was here early in the morning and then had to go back bcoz her tummy ached. kesian ler. she din get to eat the cake that she bought. mich memang couldn't make it from the start.

i sat in carmen's car. yoh, she drive so slow lah. if it wasn't for the parking troubles, i would have driven. we could be there in like 15 minutes. anyway, tony promised to meet us just after klang toll and guess what. he's late as usual. so we had to head towards the mamak that he and i went to b4 to wait for him to arrive and lead us to the bak kut teh shop. actually, its kinda near to the mamak that we went to last time.

We ordered bak kut teh for 8 people. wah bukan main sedap la. especially the dry 1. the smell also cannot tahan d. when the waiter put down oni, straight rebut for it d. haha. the wet one was ok too. if the soup was a little more bitter, u noe the herbs more. then it would be perfect !

next one was the cake. Chocolate fudge from secret recipe. yee von and me chose the cake 1. yummy yummy. super delicious. if can i want the whole cake for myself but i can't be too greedy. the cake is for tony who turns 21 d.

after the bak kut teh brunch. we went back to pj lo. got classes after that.(many ponteng). took the NKVE back this time. the road super cun la. if i drove my car, would have went around 120-130 d. too bad carmen dont speed. tony said this was the slowest he ever drove in NKVE. he felt like sleeping. we also happen to passby carmen's apartment. wahh damn cun la her place. one day wan dropby d. carmen, u sure welcome 1 hor? rite rite? hehe.

we managed to reach in time for toshiko's class. so little ppl oni la. less than 10 out of 33 students. imagine that. the lesson was boring as usual but i din sleep for a change this time. after the class, i sent tony to his car. he parked inside jaya 1. damn, today only i know that we can park in jaya 1 for free. today onwards i no need go so early d and i can park my car in an indoor building. no need jemur my car d. yipee..

that's all for today..zush..


ViViEnNe said...

aik!!tak ajak saya pun...haha..nyway i hv 2 rush morpho aso...hahaha..(eh,let's brake into carmen's apartment!ehehehe...)

KahJoon said...

haha..i duno which 1 ler..i know where oni.